September 27


By Wayne Baggs
If you’re unfamiliar with the names Gareth Pearson or Luca Stricagnoli, then where have you been? Millions of YouTube views to their credit, I know you know them.

Both own offensively tasteful chord inversions and innovative styles. Lead guitar mesmerisingly winding its way effortlessly from Chet to Django and Lenny Breau, they compel you to listen. Gareth’s rendition of Jerry Reid’s The Claw being a prime illustration of his capacity to honor the earlier greats with a modern feel and sound.

Creative and contemporary arrangements make for an astonished performance. Gareth and Luca, former roommates in Rome, are not only tone masters, but both are funny as hell. A considerable asset when tuning between every song. Luca, Italian born and raised, as an exceptional talent for capturing songs like Sweet Child O’ Mine and Thunderstruck and spinning them into these fingerpicking gems.

Luca’s self designed three neck guitar is a piece of art; Remarkable is the beauty of the music he performed with it. An incredible and priceless opportunity it was to grab Luca live, this being one of a few performances in North America.

You missed it! Start paying attention. The Hugh’s Room Live setting never strays from enhancing the music experience. Thanx again. – #roommatereuniontour2019 #fingerstyleguitar #welshtornado #garethpearson #lucastricagnoli –

We would like to thank Jane Harbury for the invitation to this event.