October 07

The Toronto Tequila Festival 2019@Berkeley Church-Fri.,Oct.4th,2019

By Sally Warburton
This was Toronto’s first ever Tequila Festival! on October 4th at Berkeley Church and we enjoyed premium tequila, tacos, entertainment and more; the Toronto Tequila Festival had it all for both the tequila aficionados and those looking to discover their new favourite spirit.

There was both domestic and international beverages and experts walked us through the different distillation and aging processes that achieve each distinct flavour profile.

A commemorative sample glass was provided upon entry and this is a collectors item to have for the inaugural Tequila Festival Sampling Glass.

Agave based spirits were the feature of this event. Whether neat or in a margarita, the vendors had the top products to suit whatever type of drink you’re looking for. Complimentary educational sessions were held for those who were curious about the differences in each spirit and how they are made.

There was food such as Tacos and other delicious delicacies that were available from the Berkeley Events kitchen for pairing with your favourites beverages.

We would like to thank Lesley Murphy, Event Coordinator of Drink Inc. for the invitation to this event.