October 08


By Wayne Baggs
The awesome music project explores the transformative power of music through sharing stories. This event will celebrate the release of the book The Awesome Music Project: Songs of Hope and Happiness by authors Robert Carli and Terry Stuart. This beautifully illustrated hard cover book shows how the power of music helps through 111 individual stories.

How can music shift our mood in a heartbeat? All of us have an emotional attachment to music that’s undeniable. Serenity, goosebumps, crying, anger, foot tapping, dancing in the mosh pit are all reactions to music. WHY? A question that obsessed Terry Stuart to a point he presented his neighbour with another “crazy idea” that there is a collection of songs that makes people happy.

Musician and composer Robert Carli is that neighbour whose first thoughts were of another “crazy idea,“ not a chance. One person’s love song is someone else’s hate song. Not everyone feels the same way with the same song. Terry’s obsession stems from the compassion he has for people, and that a turbulent and troubled soul could find some peace in music. Robert knew about music’s transformative nature, but a universal “happy” song was a reach.

Terry’s quest for the “WHY” had him asking everyone he met if there was a piece of music that made them happy. Reading the stories Terry had collected from asking this question, Robert realized that it was about the stories behind the song. “It was through the stories that I was reminded of the unspeakable power of music to shape our experience, transport us to a different time and place and move our hearts. Music can change us. It can change everything.” Everyone I’ve met has a music story. I always ask someone about the music they like. I’ve never heard from anyone that didn’t like music. That, too, would be a story.

This book has 111 diverse music stories covering the gamut of human emotions. Music is a feeling we know, but WHY? Obsessed Terry needs to know because that’s what inquisitive minds do. Wanting to know about the science behind the music led Terry to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) a world leader in mental health teaching and research. With Terry comes a new crazy idea that changes The Awesome Music Project into more than just a book of stories. The efforts and hard work of so many building on another crazy idea has now turned into a campaign of bringing awareness and funds to drive research exploring the link between mental health and music.

I would find it hard to believe that one story in this book won’t move you in a way that is unexpected. So diverse are the stories, emotions, and backgrounds that a connection and understanding are inevitable. Such is the power of personal stories about music. It is Awesome.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the CAMH, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. We all know someone whose soul is in turmoil. Music may be the answer for some. Science needs help to do the research necessary to fine tune the connection Terry and Robert feels, like most of us, exists. https://www.theawesomemusicproject.com/
The next event will be:
Friday, November 1, 2019
7:00 PM 9:30 PM

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the invitation to this event.