Tulum International Film Festival, Dec. 4-8, 2019

  • The 1st edition of the Tulum International Film Festival will take place from December 4 to 8.
  • The lineup will consist of 25 films divided into four sections, giving priority to narratives about social awareness, Mexican cinema, auteur cinema, and films for the general public.
  • There will be a total of 60 screenings, 5 locations, 3 days of formative activities and over 110 invited guests.
  • All entries to screenings and activities will be free

Quintana Roo, September 4, 2019. – The 1st edition of the Tulum International Film Festival (FICTU) will take place from December 4 to 8, with goal of becoming a reference point for film exhibition in Mexico.

In its first edition, FICTU will screen 25 films divided into four sections:

Hemisphere– films that invite the community to reflect on social, cultural, and environmental issues and initiate transformative action.
Horizonte México– outstanding films by contemporary Mexican filmmakers
Púlsar– daring and risqué films from all over the world
Sideral– commercial premieres that appeal to all audiences

The Tulum International Film Festival is made possible by the vision of Carlos Joaquín González, governor of Quintana Roo, and the support of Darío Flota Ocampo, president of the Tourism Promotion Council. The festival’s activities will be carried out at the initiative of the Tulum Municipality, and through its president Víctor Mas Tah. The goal is to raise the profile of Tulum’s art and culture community, while attracting more national and international tourism.

Director Paula Chaurand has put together a film selection committee consisting of select critics and film professionals, who will be announced at a later date. The coordinator of the festival is Chloë Roddick, a programmer and film critic.

The Tulum International Film Festival wants tocreate a community that uses cinema as a starting point to create dialogue. No only about the film form, but about urgent topics that can be addressed in this context. As such, there will be talks, forums and conversations for university students and the general public. The festival will count on the participation of special guests- directors, producers, actors and other film professionals- that will be announced shortly.

All films will be subtitled in Spanish and English with five films presented in Maya, the indigenous language used by the majority of Quintana Roo. There will be galas and exhibitions with Mexican and international talent in attendance. All entries to screenings and talks will be free.

FICTU begins on Wednesday December 4 at 17.00 hours, with a gala and red carpet. The festival will close on Sunday December 8 at 20.00 hours, with a screening and a special concert. The festival will have five main locations: Hotel Papaya Playa will be used for galas and open-air screenings; the Aldea Zama complex will have a movie theater and projection space made out of natural materials; and a mobile location will be set up, to bring cinema closer to people who are unable to attend a screening.

Finally, the festival will have ECO FICTU, a screening area which will be home to presentations in 2020, in different formats and spaces. It will also develop agreements with other festivals and institutions to continue bringing the very best cinema to the communities of Tulum.

It is important to comment that the Tulum International Film Festival joins #YaEsHora to implement its security policies, in order to prevent any form of gender violence during the festival’s activities.

So we invite the general public, local and foreign visitors, and the media, to join this film community and experience this unique cultural and artistic event in Tulum, one of Quintana Roo’s major tourist destinations.

Thank you to Abel Cervantes, Director de Comunicación for the media release.