November 07

Help Float The Boat Gala Supporting CharterAbility@Roc’n’Docs In Port Credit-Sat.,Nov.2nd,2019

By Wayne Baggs
Special is the atmosphere of an event full of people with a shared cause. Stephen Cull’s appeal for support from Oakville and beyond was understood. From what I’ve gathered, that boat will float pretty. The purpose of recreation is not to kill time but to stimulate activity, not to keep people occupied but to keep them refreshed, not to offer an escape from life but to expand its possibilities.

CharterAbility is a registered charity devoted to providing accessible, recreational, boating at no cost to people of all ages deprived of the opportunity because of their physical limitations or personal circumstances. Their dock, on 16-Mile Creek adjoining Busby Park, is fully accessible as are the on-site washrooms and the pontoon boat that transports their guests on an hour long voyage of discovery into a wildlife sanctuary in the heart of downtown Oakville.

They provide all trips for free and thanks to the donations received and the dedication of the volunteers who crew the boat. Committed to improving the lives of persons with disabilities and the disadvantaged by enabling them to spend time on the water, in safety and with dignity, relaxing in the company of their friends, families, and companions.- – With a new Pontoon boat, more friends will have access to the refreshed feeling of a boat ride.

The results are immediate for all involved. Make certain you review the list of Sponsors & Co-Partners pictured below. Support them as they have supported Stephen. Freedom Train provided great covers of classic rock song that kept the dancers dancing and the listeners listening. These guys cover them better than most. Playing most every Thursday at Roc’n’Docs in Port Credit, check ’em out.