Vampire Ball and Blood Suckers Exhibit @ ROM (Fri. Nov. 29, 2019)

by Shannen Johnston

The ROM hosted a Vampire Ball for their November 29th Friday Night Live event to coincide with their new Bloodsuckers exhibit. Entertainment for the night included burlesque numbers and a live band, as well as DJs through the night. The burlesque performers were extremely talented, drawing in a large crowd and giving guests a unique museum experience. Party-goers came dressed to impress in Victorian vampire attire, fangs and other elaborate costumes to celebrate the night.

Guests enjoyed access to the Bloodsuckers exhibit, which explores creepy-crawlies, animals and vampire folklore in an interactive and educational format. The exhibit features live animals from leeches to lampreys, a history of blood- related medical treatments, and a look into vampire tales and pop culture. Guests were encouraged to hold leeches, go into a simulated mosquito swarm, and to test their blood type on site with Canadian Blood Services.

The Vampire Ball was a great way to celebrate the last Friday Night Live event of 2019, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2020.