Big Wreck @ Danforth Music Hall (Dec. 20, 2019)

by Wayne Baggs.

Ian Thornley promised a “no bullshit return to loud rock’n’roll.” Big Wreck delivered just that Dec 20th at The Danforth Music Hall, where Standing in the firing line of Thornley’s amps is beautifully loud.

Kicking off the night with Voices, the first song from the latest album was superb. Nice little spacey intro, then right into riff driven loud rock. This being the second night in Toronto and the conclusion of the 2019 tour, these gentlemen were as ready as the sold-out crowd was. Straight into “In My Head” then “That Song” the place was rocking on 11. Just in case, “Locomotive” a tight, cause you to drive faster song, also from… but for the Sun, kicks it up another gear. The fans are tasting it. This is one great live band if you embrace “No bullshit loud Rock’n’Roll”. I do!

Formed in Boston with strong Canadian roots, Ian being from Toronto, Big Wreck pulls off a rockin’ version of Ahead By A Century. Reaching into the early albums, Big Wreck gave the people what they loved. That Song, Albatross, Ghosts, Blown Wide Open were all played with a vigor that made them feel contemporary.

Near the start of the tour, Big Wreck performed in Sarnia as part of the Sarnia Bluewater BorderFest Music Festival. A benefit show in honour of their late guitarist and co-founder, Brian Doherty, who passed away on June 5th. Chris Caddell has stepped in to fill the big shoes left by this painful circumstance. I can assert he fits in great. An extraordinary guitarist, to say the least.

Ending the night with another Hip song, In View and their own hit from 1997’s album, In Loving Memory Of….. The Oaf. A great night of no BS loud rock & roll, as promised. – WB