Ezra Jordan Offers “Cheap Therapy” On Debut EP

Former CTV’s The Launch Finalist Ezra Jordan (and son of Marc Jordan and Amy Sky) Offering “Cheap Therapy” On Debut EP

Soul-rich Canadian R&B alt-pop artist — and former CTV The Launch finalist with over 5 million streams across Spotify and YouTube alone — EZRA JORDAN is releasing his debut EP, Cheap Therapy on Thursday, April 9. It consists of 7 tracks, including his singles, “Is It Just Me,” “Cliffs”, & “Easy.”

EZRA JORDAN has been working on this EP since May 2019 between LA & Toronto. He was fortunate enough to work with some great producers such as Michael Goldchain (Sylo Nozra, GUS), Aierhrs (Produced ‘Slow Hands’ by Niall Horan) and Leo (Alec Benjamin, Madison Beer) to name a few.

With millions of streams, thousands of followers, and legions of fans, EZRA JORDAN has been making waves in the music scene independently, and he’s only just beginning. Having performed all across North America, Ezra specializes in crea)ng in)mate experiences with maximum impact that not only leave concert goers engaged, but musically entranced.

So far in his career, EZRA JORDAN has exceeded expectations by already accumulating 4.5 million streams on Spotify and hitting Mediabase’s CHR Top 40 Activator chart twice (#37 • 10 Miles a Minute & #42 • Is It Just Me). Furthermore, he has worked with award winning artists & producers including Chin Injeti) (Grammy Producer), Leo (Alec Benjamin, Madison Beer), Garth Richardson (Juno Award Producer), and Tyler Shaw (Platinum Selling Artist). This is only a couple of Ezra’s many accolades throughout his short music career.

When it comes to adversity, EZRA JORDAN knows a thing or two. Having suffered a traumatic and life threatening injury at the age of 18, EZRA JORDAN’s life was put on hold. On his last water ski of the summer, Ezra fell hard into the water, tearing his ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, and Peroneal nerve. To make matters even worse, he ruptured his femoral artery, which meant he was bleeding to death internally. Fortunately for Ezra, he was able to get the help that he needed in order to survive, but it didn’t come easily. It took 18 months of rehabilitation to get back to reality. Forced to pause his career as an incredibly talented pianist, Ezra sought alternate ways to express himself and stumbled upon singing/songwriting.

While this latest career shift did come unexpectedly, it definitely wasn’t too much of a surprise. As the youngest child of two of Canada’s most notable singer-songwriters, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan, Ezra grew up surrounded by industry trailblazers and award winning producers.

EZRA says, “The album was inspired by the fallout and subsequent personal growth I experienced after breaking up with my girlfriend on New Years Eve in the middle of Southeast Asia. She continued travelling for 6 months afterwards, and I came home and watched her have the time of her life from afar while I was back home in the cold Canadian winter. To make things worse, she got back together with the person she dated before me right after she got home.

The whole following year was very transformative. Not only did it challenge everything I thought I knew about the year long relationship that had just ended, but it forced me to come to terms with all the things I did wrong while we were together. But most of all, I realized that during that relationship, I wasn’t really myself, and I certainly wasn’t the person who I wanted to be.

This whole EP was produced by Goldchain and I, with some other collaborators (Afterhrs, Leo, Matt Kahane, Quin Kiu, Elijah Woods, and JÜJ) chipping in production on the songs they helped write. Funnily enough, one of the biggest reoccurring problems of the relationship this project was written about, was that I travelled/worked too much and didn’t have enough )me to dedicate to her. That theme continued into the creative process of this record, where everything was fairly run-and-gun, and we worked whenever we had the )me and some kind of place to go.

I want people to look at a breakup, or really any kind of big loss in their life as a multi-faceted event. It isn’t black and white, it isn’t just “I’m sad about this, but later I won’t be”. There are many ups and downs, many weird ambiguous situations where nobody is wrong or right, and so many illogical feelings that can’t be rationalized away.

Each song represents a different thing that I went through while sorting out all the personal changes that come along with a big change like this.

Now, EZRA JORDAN finds himself fully recovered, fully honed, and fully ready to launch into his next musical chapter.

Thanks to Eric Alper for the media release.