SuperBowl Opening Night @ Marlins Park, Miami FL (Jan. 27, 2020)

by Kimberly Samnang.
photography by Bill Kwan.

SuperBowl Opening Night Presented by Bolt24 (formerly known as Media Night), was as per usual, the spectacle of all spectacles. 

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs faced the media as AFC champions for the first time since the 1969 season.

The Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers took part in the honourary kickoff for Super Bowl LIV at Marlins Park and met with thousands of media members and a baseball stadium full of fans that each paid a nominal fee ($25 for general admission), for a chance at a selfie at opening night. Upon entry, you were given a personalized radio earphone, that connected to the live network, where you could scroll through various channels and listen to your favourite player’s or coach’s interviews. 

Kansas City was on the stage first and was followed by San Francisco, which last made the Super Bowl during the 2012 campaign.

Football took a timeout during opening ceremonies, as there was a moment of silence to honour Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the other seven people who died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on Sunday. Fans chanted “Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the biggest star in the first Super Bowl not featuring Tom Brady or Peyton Manning since the 2012 season. 

The San Francisco players, including George Kittle and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, had media personnel 10 people deep waiting to get their most desired football question asked, or what their favourite breakfast was on game day!

Anyone like Andy Reid’s Hawaiian shirt? We thought it was the perfect showcase for such an ensemble.