Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum Re-Opening

by Sally Warburton

On a really hot day in Toronto the news of the ROM reopening was for more than just the awesome air conditioning! Yes, this wonderful touristic site is refreshing and airy. For so many Torontonians and others in Ontario going to the ROM is a nice change of pace from isolating at home – a way of getting exercise while learning about… everything!

Much respect shown for social distancing and wearing your mask. Signs on ground designating to keep distances apart using pictures of exhibits.

They’re all there and waiting for you to see them! ….the dinosaur bones, the rocks and minerals, the diamonds, the hockey commemorative rings, all the animals (not real….although they used to be..) tiger, lion, seal, polar bear, insects, birds…tons of them! Armour, Indian material exhibit, furniture, pottery, Chinese and Korean permanent exhibits. You name it, it’s there. Something for everyone.

To help prevent COVID-19 in place of touch screen information, there are QR codes to download videos of information, to watch on the spot or later.

Looking forward to September 1st when the Winnie the Pooh Exhibit reopens… it opened in March just before the Pandemic but had to obviously close for months. Luckily Toronto was the last city on its tour so Winnie the Pooh will remain in Toronto from Sept 1st, 2020 to January 17th, 2021. Looking up at the sign advertising this, one notices the 4 angel statues wearing masks above the east entry doors! Very unique!

Visiting the ROM is a wonderful way to spend a few hours in the city, to escape from the heat, the rain, to learn and to have a change of pace with family, the kids, a friend or alone. A beautiful treasure to see while in Toronto. A must-see…while respecting social distancing.

Check the ROM’s website for hours and ticket times.