BATA Shoe Museum – New Exhibit opened!

by Sally Warburton

The BSM Exhibit we’ve been anxiously awaiting for has opened!  

The Great Divide – Footwear in the Age of Enlightenment is a collection of shoes depicting the period of history from the 17th to end of the 18th century.  We see the power dynamics of the people at the time. Through the displays of shoes we learn about the oppression of women and the history and cruelty of slavery. We also learn why shoes were designed as they were.

The Exhibit is presented in a fascinating way with paintings, artifacts, information posters in addition to all the footwear.  It’s a beautiful, educational display which leads to reflection on the past and what is happening now in our world. It’s a very relevant and up to date exhibit.  Recommended for all ages. 

Visitors can also visit the exhibits on other floors while at BSM. The museum is easy to get to by TTC as it’s located across the road from St. George subway, St. George exit. Social distancing rules are in effect and guests should wear a mask. The museum building is very clean and airy.  The gift shop is an added bonus with many unique items to purchase.  Spending a few hours at the BSM is always a great experience… especially during this ‘staycation’ time.