January 21

“EDDY’S WORLD”-TOY INVENTOR EDDY GOLDFARB an inspirational portrait of 99 year-old working toy inventor!

EDDY’S WORLD is an inspirational portrait of 99 year-old working toy inventor – Eddy Goldfarb.  Best known for the iconic Yakity Yak Teeth, he is the inventor of nearly 800 toys including Stompers, Vac-U-Form, Kerplunk and the Bubble Gun.  Optimistic, creative and curious, he is an endearing storyteller who shares his philosophies of life and his wisdom on aging. Living in a retirement community, he works on new models in his garage, writes short stories, creates lithophane portraits with his 3D printer, exercises and believes that optimism and new ideas keep him young.

EDDY’S WORLD is directed and produced by Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb and produced by Jannat Gargi and Daniel Zimbaldi.  Eddy is also Lyn’s father.



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