February 01

A co-production of C35 Films, the Center for Asian American Media, and WORLD Channel, America ReFramed’s -FIRST VOTE Directed by Yi Chen

A co-production of C35 Films, the Center for Asian American Media, and WORLD Channel, America ReFramed’s FIRST VOTE offers unparalleled access to a diverse cross-section of politically engaged Chinese Americans. The film weaves their stories from the presidential election of 2016 to the 2018 midterms and explores the intersections between immigration, voting rights, and racial justice. Directed by Yi Chen, a Chinese immigrant and first-time voter herself,FIRST VOTE is a rare long-form look at the diverse Asian American electorate. Her thought-provoking journey into the Rust Belt and South captures four Chinese American voters’ ardent first time grassroots political participation ignited by the 2016 rise of “Chinese Americans for Trump.”  Until 1952, federal law prohibited immigrants of Asian descent from becoming U.S. citizens and voting. Today, Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in the United States. The film is a timely story exploring what it means to be American through personal stories of America’s fastest growing political constituency’s diverse experience at the polls in battleground states.

In FIRST VOTE, director Yi Chen contemplates exercising her own right to vote as she chronicles her introspective journey into America’s battleground states. She engages in honest and revealing conversations with four Chinese American voters throughout our country’s most coveted districts in Ohio and North Carolina.