February 05

CORKIN GALLERY featuring the art of DAVID URBAN

Artist Profile: David UrbanIn his series Lonely Boy, David Urban invites the viewer into his ritual of going to the cottage. He shares his love of the country and his time in it. The artist appears as the abstracted figure reading, listening to music or sleeping under the trees. The leaf shapes indicate the trees, the blue squares become the water, and the time of day is indicated by the colour choice of the sky and ground. The artist plays with our imagination of reading outdoors, listening to music, falling asleep under the deep sun, or waking just at sunset.David Urban, The Dream of the Page, 2018, oil on canvas on board, 24 x 48 in. David Urban’s work is defined by bold collisions of line and shape, clashing tones and kinetic brushstrokes. Urban builds his dynamic paintings, layer upon layer, incorporating the traditions of still life and landscape, abstraction and realism.David Urban, Tin Man’s Lantern, 2018, oil on canvas on board, 24 x 48 in. In his painting, David Urban reflects on childhood, music and the primacy of the imagination. While his public persona is as a painter, privately he is deeply engaged with poetry and music. His use of paint is akin to a poet’s use of words or a musician’s use of notes. His work is an investigation of the physical presence of sound, with a strong sense of rhythmical structure. David Urban, The Poet William Wordsworth, 2019, oil on canvas on board, 18 x 36 in. Urban is deeply engaged in the history and methodology of paint. His work explores the interplay between representation and abstraction, simultaneously presenting two disparate threads of modern painting. Installation shots, David Urban: Lonely Boy, Corkin Gallery 2019Visit David’s Artist PageCopyright © Corkin Gallery