March 08

RC Show 2021 February 28 – March 3 This year’s Restaurant Canada Show 2021 was a hit!

By Sally Warburton

RC Show 2021  February 28 – March 3  This year’s Restaurant Canada Show 2021 was a hit!  With the COVID-19 pandemic everything was all online. And done extremely well. Yes, it was very different. And we missed all the delicious food samples and drinks!  Very much! However, you could still feel the excitement of the Canadian restaurant and hospitality industry. 

The emphasis was on the food Industry coming together to rebuild, reinvent and reconnect after Covid. The theme Feeding the Recovery made the event dynamic as always, and made us look forward, even more, to the recovery when Covid lockdowns end.  The online platform was excellent. Easy to manoeuvre and lots of ways to get help, if needed. The floorplan was clear.  Trade show booths had links to connect directly with trade show personnel who readily answered questions. 

There was a busy schedule at the Speaker Stage. Cooking demos. Panel discussions with business leaders, Canadian farmers, food producers and distributors, truckers and more. Industry Competitions. State of the Bar link had drink demos and interviews with experts in the field. Even  Smart Serve, Ontario Government certification, gave a useful mini hand and finger exercise demo for servers and bartenders. Sunday’s Opening online evening event included a DJ music and a photobooth – allowing attendees to share their photos and reconnect and network with other RC conference attendees. Done in a very unique way! The Breakfast of Champions was Tuesday morning – registrants had breakfast delivered to their home/business location. While enjoying breakfast the hospitality innovators met to teach and inspire. In addition to Canada – Peru was one of the participants with demos on natural cuisine and roast vegetable dishes made from sweet and native potato and, of course, Pisco.  The RC Show 2021 emphasized the magnitude and importance of the Canadian restaurant and hospitality industry to our economy and how we all are looking forward to the days when we can go to restaurants with 100% occupancy. Discussions about the importance of reinvesting in people – the employees, tackling mental health, anti-discrimination movement – enthicially and culturally inclusive workplaces, dealing with Covid pandemic’s financial burden. All so informative and helpful.  We’re looking forward to Restaurant Canada Show 2022…..and at that time, an in person event, we all hope!   For more info please see #rcshow

We would like to thank Dena Gouweof Bubblegum Canada for the invitation to the RC Show and we look forward the 2022 edition of this event