March 19

DIVERSEartLA program and its vital role in the LA Art Show

Please Join Us for the Next Edition of our DIVERSEartLA Virtual Talks Today! We’re excited to present the next edition of our new monthly virtual DIVERSEartLA Talks! Today we feature special guests from the La Neomudéjar Museum in Madrid, Spain. Appearing this week in the talks will be La Neomudéjar Director Nestor Prieto, Director Francsico Brives and artist Ana Marcos.The talks are hosted by LA Art Show director Kassandra Voyagis and moderated by DIVERSEartLA curator Marisa Caichiolo. Leading up to the LA Art Show 2021, which will take place July 29 to August 1 at the LA Convention Center, this exciting new series of virtual discussions will focus on the contribution and presence of women and non-binary artists in the research and documentation of art, science and technology. Providing an opportunity to learn more about the DIVERSEartLA program and its vital role in the LA Art Show, the virtual talks will offer behind the scenes stories and updates, to inform and engage our audience in the weeks leading up to the show. The new series of dialogs is accessible through the LA Art Show website. Available to view now! Hashtag: #LAArtShow The LA Art Show returns July 29—August 1, 2021. Please join us when we return for the 2021 edition of the LA Art Show. The LA Art Show will run July 29—August 1, 2021 at the LA Convention Center, West Hal VIEW HERE Follow the LA Art Show on Instagram<