April 07

“Going Through Hell” – An intimate look at Queens & Kings through 10 years of footage.

Rock duo Queens & Kings just premiered a video last Friday (April 2) for their new single “Going Through Hell.”  It is a song about the relationship between Alissa Klug (drums / vocals) and band member Brendan Albert (guitar / vocals).  It seems to take on a new meaning during these times, as it’s about coping with having to let go of things that aren’t working and finding ways to move forward which is something we can all relate to right now.


“Going Through Hell” – An intimate look at Queens & Kings through 10 years of footage

A video not hindered by the challenges of quarantine, Queens & Kings had 10 years of footage to fall back on for the duo’s latest release for their new single, “Going Through Hell”. Although only a band for less than 4 years, members Alissa Klug (drums / vocals) and Brendan Albert (guitar / vocals) have known each other for over eleven years. The video offers a window into the dynamic between the two, weaving together footage that includes everything from random cell phone clips to live footage to pro DSLR shoots. The convoluted path the two have gone down in their complicated relationship is reflected in the physical journey of two touring musicians trying to find their way. 

The video perfectly echoes the sentiment of the song. As Alissa expands:“The video is basically the story of the dissolution of one kind of relationship while trying to hold onto another and the struggle to make that work. It also seems timely, because I think we are all experiencing a global trauma like we’ve never experienced in our lifetimes. We are all mourning things that are lost, at least for now, and hopeful for better things to come. I think this time has really made us appreciate all the good things we had and took for granted while also recognizing all the things that need to change.”

Going Through Hell” is the third single release off of the duo’s upcoming album due for release this summer.– 
Queens & Kings 

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