April 15

The Infestation A solo exhibition featuring the works of Stuart Dunkel

It is that time of the year again… spring has sprung, the sun is shining, and the mice are out and about – wait, what?! Yep, you read that right, Rehs Contemporary is preparing to launch another exhibit of new paintings from Stuart Dunkel – if you are familiar with his work, you’ll know they all feature a small, white mouse who goes by Chuckie. Beginning at noon on April 17th, more than 40 small to mid-size paintings will fill the gallery’s walls for in-person and online viewing (in-person viewing by appointment only). With such a wide array of subjects, coupled with the whimsical situations Chuckie finds himself, there is surely something that will resonate with every viewer! Nearly 30 years ago, Dunkel immersed himself in painting, studying a variety of animal subjects. Before long, his infatuation with painting animals took a turn towards infestation… over the years, Dunkel has painted hundreds (if not thousands) of mice. The works, unmistakably, take on an autobiographical feel as if Dunkel is sharing his own experiences through Chuckie – at times seeming to embody the human emotions of delight, fear, or even comical confusion.  These quirky and charming compositions often lead to feeling a personal connection to the artist. In many cases, viewers feel the work was made uniquely for them. And while the paintings are small, they are certain to bring big smiles for years to come! If you would like to request high-resolution images of the featured works, please contact Alyssa Rehs at alyssa@rehs.com. Alyssa T. Rehs, DirectorLance J. Rehs, DirectorRehs Contemporary Galleries(212) 355-5710info@rehscgi.comhttps://www.rehscgi.com
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Stuart Dunkel - The Infestation - an image featuring some of the paintings by the artist that will be on display
A selection of works from the show
Stuart Dunkel - Artist Studio
Stuart DunkelArtist Studio6 x 8 inchesSigned
Stuart Dunkel - Sugar Rainbow
Stuart DunkelSugar Rainbow6 x 8 inchesSigned