April 20

DARK BLOSSOM is a startling look into the rarely seen world of Goth culture And Featured at HOT DOCS 2021.

Filled with immersive images and sound, DARK BLOSSOM is a startling look into the rarely seen world of Goth culture and three smart, creative young people looking to escape the prejudices of small town life. With exceptional skill, the film mines the timeless dilemmas of so many young, alienated people struggling to find friendship, love, and community in today’s modern, social media obsessed world.

Through brilliant makeup, costumed looks and vibrant Goth music, this incisive cinematic lookbook of selfies and social media videos dissects how style and culture can express identity and provide armor against a world of intolerance, social control, and mediocrity
DARK BLOSSOM is both fascinating look at a rarely seen subculture, and a universally inspiring story about fitting in and standing out. It is the directorial debut of one of Denmark’s most talented new voices, filmmaker & music video director Frigge Fri, an accomplished artist, filmmaker, cinematographer with an award-winning background in fine art photography.
This doc will have its international premiere at HotDocs in the Nightvisions section, dedicated to future cult classics, with its world premiere a few days earlier at CPH: DOX.
International Premiere / 2021 HotDocs
Nightvision Section
Doc | Denmark | 2021 | Danish, English, German, Erdu with English subtitles | 80 minutes | Color
2021 HotDocs
Director / Writer / DP: Frigge Fri
Producer: Mathilde Hvid Lippmann
Executive Producer: Helle Faber
Editor: Esben Bay Grundsøe
Short Synopsis:
Josephine has colorful wigs, a large and heavy nose ring and collects bones from road-kills. She is 20 years old and has never been part of the handball clique in the small town in Denmark, where she grew up. Instead, she finds two best friends in the immersive world of Goth culture – the maximalist self-proclaimed ‘Nightmare’ a gay, half-Pakistani musician, and Jay, a pensive Christian with a skyscraping mohawk. Together, they form a tight-knit trinity of support and share a fascination with death and dark fashion. But when rosy romantic love blooms for one of them, will it break their moribund bond? This incisive lookbook of selfies and social media videos dissects how style can express individuality and identity, while paradoxically inhibiting it. Can these friends accept each other as they grow up and out of their dark disguises? A visually inspiring film about fitting in and standing out, Dark Blossom identifies intolerance, social control and mediocrity among a group of image-conscious outsiders who embrace difference as long as it is mirrored back to them.

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