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Book Release -Thaddeus Holownia, “Headlighting: 1974–1978″@CORKIN GALLERY

Thaddeus Holownia
Headlighting: 1974–1978


The images in this new, limited-edition publication comprise photographer Thaddeus Holownia’s large-format portrait series, Headlighting: 1974–1978. Over the course of three years, Holownia travelled across North America documenting the proliferation of car culture. He produced more than fifty images of drivers and their automobiles, each with the same long exposure, shallow depth of field, and distinct tonal range. Holownia presents his found subjects presumably ‘as is,’ solidifying his place as an observer of the anecdotal. By carefully combining tools, subjects, and locations, these photographs articulate a compelling visual essay on the relics of industrial mass production and their users.

Headlighting: 1974–1978 is published by The Anchorage Press, a laboratory and imprint led by Holownia that publishes folios and offset book editions using mid-century typecasters and presses. To purchase a copy or to inquire about a photograph included in the publication, please contact info@corkingallery.com.
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Thaddeus Holownia in the Toronto Star

 “Holownia didn’t know it at the time, but he was capturing a snapshot of car culture in the 1970s. He took photographs of about 50 people with their vehicles — everything from a custom Boat Tail Bentley to a Ford Model A and a Chevrolet Monte Carlo. There’s even a police cruiser: a 1974 Plymouth Satellite.

To take the portraits, he used a large-format 8-inch by 20-inch Gundlach Banquet camera — with a creative twist. “It’s an accordion box with a lens on one side and film on the other side,” he said. “I was pretty broke, so I started using photographic paper (instead of film), and the sensitivity of paper is much less sensitive to light so the exposures were done with a lens cap rather than a shutter.”

That meant he could only take four photographs at a time and then he’d have to find a dark room (often a motel bathroom) to reload. “I had to be very careful in what I chose to photograph — it’s a different kind of a process than what people are used to today.”

— Vawn Himmelsbach
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In Conversation with Sarah Milroy WATCH NOWI n conformance with current public health guidelines and protocols, the gallery is closed until further notice. Visit our website to arrange a virtual viewing or visit.Images: Thaddeus Holownia, Headlighting: 1974–1978, 2021, 66 pages, hardbound, limited edition.
Thaddeus Holownia, Headlighting, 1974–1978, gelatin silver print.
Installation view, David Urban: Revisiting Motifs, Corkin Gallery, Toronto. Photography © James Brittain.
Installation view, Frank Mädler: after the aurora, Corkin Gallery, Toronto.
Installation view, Gina Rorai: Where One Finishes The Other Begins, Corkin Gallery, Toronto.