April 26

Collision North America’s Fastest Growing Tech Conference

By Sally Warburton

Collision North America’s Fastest Growing Tech Conference

Collision’s international Virtual Tech Conference 2021 attracted over 38,000 people online and brought together Fortune 500 companies, presenters and participants of tech sectors from all over the world. The schedule had an incredible line up of Tech companies, investors, startups, with CEO’s, actors, politicians including Mayors of 3 of North America’s biggest cities – Chicago, Miami and Toronto. Collision is described as one of the world’s best tech conferences with the world’s best speakers buzzing with startup electricity. With over a year of the pandemic the increase of online… everything… and the daily use of virtual meeting platforms were all part of the discussions. 

Collision is the brainchild of Irish founder Paddy Cosgrave and is the North American equivalent to the Web Summit, one of the largest startup conferences in Europe. This was the 2nd year the conference was virtual due to Covid-19.  2019 was the first year Collision was held in Toronto. Toronto was chosen for 2019 by Collision’s CEO Paddy Cosgrave thanks to the sales pitches from Toronto Mayor John Tory and Prime Minister Trudeau and their teams. We’re very grateful for that!   

Networking, making valuable connections – meeting peers and mentors, learning, tackling the big challenges facing the tech industry today were covered in topics ranging from data science, to autotech and environmental sustainability.  It’s said that “The event is a global gathering of provocative ideas, brilliance and investment dollars.” Collision attracts the biggest names in international media, more than 1,400 journalists including Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, CNN Business, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

Collision 2021 was 3 days filled with excitement of the future and the present growth taking place now. Virtual talks, meetings, discussion tables. Collision’s app is an excellent way of building community through networking. 

The Collision App allows participants to move easily from one discussion group to another. The Collision App is excellent for scheduling, connecting, viewing, moving from one area to another.   

Hot topics and important speakers included Start ups, eBooks, Sustainability in fashion, skincare with actor Nicole Kidman. Then Noami Watts along with Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Bo Derek in discussion with Terna Gyuse and Peter Knights. NE-YO Artist & Partner at LUM with Max Fergus C0-founder & CEO at LUM and Maneet Ahuga Senior Editor at Forbes discussed how fans are connecting with their favourite musicians during COVID-19 global lockdown? Music industry – the future of virtual events.

Actor Ryan Reynolds and Owner at Mint Mobile were there. 

Roundtable discussion of organizers of the world’s leading events to discuss the future of events included Toronto’s Ebonnie Rowe Honey Jam Founder. 

Building a 21st century community with actor Ashton Kutcher, Matthe Peltier CEO at Community and Simone Oliver Global Editor-in-chief at Refinery29.

The new dotcom boom was the topic with Julia Hartz Co-Founder CEO at Eventbrite and Phil Libin CEO at All Turtles & mmhmm  As we all know the Covid Pandemic hit businesses large and small, teachers, doctors, churches and many others quickly overnight moved 100 percent of their businesses and interactions online. So video integrations were a big topic throughout.  

Katherine Maher CEO at Wikipedia, Mitchell Baker Chairwoman & CEO Mozilla and Ginella Massa Journalist at CBC had a discussion. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone shared his insights.  Paris Hilton joined Carter Reum, founder and CEO at M13 Ventures for a talk on the future of audio content. 

More discussions with founder of Meaningful Beauty, model and entrepreneur Cindy Crawford with Steven Bertoni.

 And Nick Tran head of global marketing of Tik Tok – among many. 

Pitching and Meeting, connecting, job opportunities, future oriented, excitement of technology, fast changing ideas are what is covered over the 3 days of workshops. We’re looking very much forward to 2022 when we hope to be able to meet in person in Toronto for the Collision Conference.  It’s an excellent conference, not to be missed!