May 13

May And June Releases for : Trigger Point, Rockfield and Edge Of The World

Trigger Point 
tells the story of a disgraced U.S. operative, who suffered memory loss at the hands of his captors, as he gets dragged back into the deadly spy world when a colleague goes missing. He needs all of his skills to find her, but to uncover the truth, he must remember the past. Starring Barry Pepper and Colm Feore, Trigger Point is a good old-fashioned action movie..You’ll love it!
Edge of The World – Dominic Monaghan (Lords Of The Rings)…Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tutors)…Do I need to say more to tell you that this adventure period drama set in 1840 features incredible performances by two dudes who just can’t play characters in any movie set after 1900. 
Rockfield: A Studio On The Farm – I may have misspoken when saying I got all the dude movies because this is a movie that anyone with an appreciation for music will love. Ever wonder where Oasis’ Wonderwall is? or what Coldplay meant when they said “it was all yellow”? Rockfield shares these stories with interviews and stories from legends from bands like Ozzy Osbourne, Coldplay, Oasis, Black Sabbath, Rush, Queen and many more. 
Let me know if you’re interested and I can send you a screening link or two!

Trigger Point
Distributor: levelFILM 
VOD/Digital Release: 
May 18, 2021

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Publicity Contact: Ally LaMere-Shedden, 
Available Assets: Screening Link, Promo Codes
Available for interview requests: TBC

Directed by:Brad Turner
Written by: Michael Vickerman
Starring:Barry PepperLaura VandervoortColm Feore

Follows Nicolas Shaw, a retired U.S. special operative who becomes part of an elite “invisible” team that quietly takes out the worst villains around the world.

Edge of The World
Distributor: Vortex Media
VOD/Digital Release: 
June 4, 2021

Publicity Contact: Ally LaMere-Shedden, 
Available Assets: Screening Link, Promo Codes
Available for interview requests: Michael Haussman, Dominic Monaghan, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Josie Ho

Directed by: Michael Haussman
Written by: Rob Allyn
Starring:Jonathan Rhys MeyersDominic MonaghanRalph Ineson

The adventures of Sir James Brooke, who defied the British Empire to rule a jungle kingdom in 1840s Borneo, embarked on a lifelong crusade to end piracy, slavery and head-hunting, and inspired LORD JIM and THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING.

Rockfield: A Studio On The Farm
Distributor: Vortex Media
June 1, 2021

Lead Publicist: Ally LaMere-Shedden,

Available Assets: Screening Link, Promo Codes
Available for interview requests: Hannah Berryman, Kingsley Ward, Charles Ward

Directed by: Hannah Berryman
Fifty years ago, deep in the Welsh countryside, two brothers traded milking cows on the family farm to live out their wildest dreams of making hit records with the most influential artists of all time.Rockfield: A Studio ON The Farm is a delightfully entertaining trip through the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll. Kingsley and Charles Ward always had a passion for music; they even created their own record and tried to shop it to local studios. Soon animals were kicked out of the barn, bags from pigs’ feed lined the walls for sound insulation, and Freddie Mercury and Queen were cutting what would become “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Featuring interviews from the legends themselves,Rockfieldis a celebration of a magical place and moment in time that can never be replicated. It’s the fairytale story of hallowed grounds that held their own against studio giants such as Abbey Road and Electric Lady to produce the most timeless tracks of a generation.

We would like to thank Ally LaMere-Shedden of Route 504 PR for the press release.