June 03

Get “High” on Jordana Of Earth’s Stunning New Electro-Pop R&B Single — Available Now!

Get “High” on Jordana Of Earth’s Stunning New Electro-Pop R&B Single — Available Now!

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Breathy. Sultry. A fusion of electro-pop with notes of R&B. Canadian singer/songwriter Jordana of Earth is back with her latest offering, an intimate love letter simply titled, “High” — available now.

Her delicate vocals float like silk between the melodies, dripping with passion and eroticism in a vein not unlike Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” mingled with the edginess of The Weeknd — a near-notable nod to the indelible Toni Braxton. With “High,” the Toronto-based artist takes calculated risks with the track, tying off intricate beats with smart lyrics and a dream-like vox that transcends the listener into a sphere caught somewhere between being in love, and making it.

“I talk about being in my head, and this lover’s ability to pull me out of it, even if it’s just in a brief moment of intimacy,” Jordana of Earth explains. “It’s honestly a pretty personal song — I talk about darkness, about the trials of life having knocked me off track, and a sort of disassociation I sometimes feel from people and the world around me because of that. Getting caught up in my head, in my own world, disconnecting from things.”

She says the song describes this moment of intimacy being that one thing that brings her back to her true self. “(This is) allowing me to be present and alive in that moment,” she reveals. “It’s about getting me ‘High’ off the vibe of this person, and how that’s not some purely emotional or magical, or mysterious thing that’s at play, but rather something real and significant. Like there’s something about who this person actually is, and their depth, and their ability to be so real and so present, that is sort of helping me deal with my apparent tendency to disconnect from people and from situations.”

Produced by Toronto’s Caleb Elias G — who also helmed production on previous offerings “Tell Me” and “Ringer” — “High” joins the ranks of JoE’s 100,000+ streams and 10+ other stunning singles released since 2020.

Masterfully, Jordana of Earth has released the subsequent music video for the track — a captivating black and white snapshot to the artist whimsically surrendering to her lover’s hold on her. Its simple, one-shot storyboard frames a space and place in time — our protagonist spending a few fleeting moments to revel in the experience of love. 

“It walks the line between disconnect and intimacy, and the lyrics are sort of navigating that space,” JoE says. “The main line of the chorus, ‘you get me so high’ is playing off the idea of being high, as something that’s chemical or of an altered state, but rather I’m talking about something that’s really quite the opposite. Something real and unaltered and just pure.”

Become entranced with Jordana of Earth, as she invites you to lean into desire by using the magic of melody, the imagery of intimacy, and the hypnosis of being high off love, loving, and being loved. It’s a trip you’ll want to take again, and again. 

“High” is available now.

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the press release and artist profile.