July 13

Natasha Heschelle released her debut EP & video, “Imagine” on all platforms this week


 Natasha Heschelle released her debut EP & video, “Imagine” on all platforms this week.  “Imagine” consists of three tracks, “Imagine,” “Let you go” & “Without your love.”  The Zimbabwe born, Canadian actor and filmmaker started her career at a very young age and has hasn’t stopped, appearing in commercials, film, and TV projects.  Committed to the direction of her craft, Heschélle is careful with her choices. “It’s important to be heard.”  Part of the reason for becoming a filmmaker, was to create projects for actors that look like her, roles that are respectful and purposeful.  The artist brings this philosophy to her music.  The three tracks on the newly debuted “Imagine” are a clear window into Heschélle’s heart & soul and the artist’s remarkable journey. 

Heschélle’s TV & Film work has earned the popular artist a large following and industry respect.  Revealing her musical skills was a logical next step for the artist who has been performing since she was seven years old.  The “Imagine” EP and video is an extension of the passion Heschélle puts into everything she does and is on full display in the video.  “Imagine’” smooth, sensual sound is rooted deep.   It’s personal.   Her serious dedication to getting it right, shows.  The always evolving Heschélle believes that through knowledge you grow.  Being a worthy part of the industry is earned by hard work and staying true to yourself.  It’s a responsibility.   Music has always been there.… it’s time.  

  “Imagine” EP and video out now on all platforms.   

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