By Sally Warburton

Illusionarium Exhibit Toronto

Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium has opened in Toronto! The world’s first immersive magic show! Now we’re getting spoiled for choice! Another place to visit in Toronto opened July 29! Located in the same building as the Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit. The former Toronto Star building.

Your visit to Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium starts with a room filled with posters on famous magicians taking you through an immersive history of magic. This sets the mood for your magical tour of illusions. Timed visits of small groups allow for distancing. Groups move from room to room together and there’s lots of designated space to stand or sit during each room’s magic presentation. Optical illusions, card tricks, mind-reading, levitation and vanishings and many more magical tricks have you trying to figure out how it’s done!  3D projections, live magicians and holograms.

Joining the line-up are Penn and Teller! The final presentation is a daredevil stunt where the presenter is attached by chains and handcuffs and immersed in water! A very nail biting experience for the audience!  Not only the person being immersed but the audience are also holding their breath! You can find out what happens! The VIP experience includes an added performance by magician and Illusionist Ken Margoe. 

Where? 1 Yonge Street at Queen’s Quay, Toronto – same building as Van Gogh Immersive. Entrance on Queen’s Quay. 

Their slogan is “Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium is where the magic happens.” And it is exactly that. Magical.

We would like to thank Suzanne Cheriton of RedEye Media for the invitation.