August 15

Beyond MONET: The Immersive Experience WORLD PREMIERE !

Beyond Monet Toronto
By Sally Warburton-Photography by Sally Warburton&A.J.Lam
The Monet immersive interactive Exhibit is open in Toronto! After Barcelona, Brussels and Turin we now welcome Beyond Monet to Toronto.
The first of 2 rooms is a very large, spacious room with displays of bilingual (English/French) descriptions of Monet’s artistic life.

The Japanese Bridge of the garden at Giverny is a focal point. This is Monet’s story about Impressionism. Entering the main room where the Monet Immersive takes place is like a dream. Beautiful music accompanies the 360° projection of Monet’s artwork. Lots of space for social distancing… large round mirrored circles are on the floor for standing individually or with your small group and there are raised circles to sit and absorb it all.

Beyond Monet is an audio-visual creation of impressionism combining music, sound effects and art projection. This unique digital art exhibition of Claude Monet’s masterpieces is projected under your feet and around you 360°. More than 300 paintings and sketches have been digitized to create the art exhibition.

We see the artist’s most famous artwork. Masterpieces include the Poppies, Impression: Sunrise, and the Water Lilies series, a Child’s Garden and London’s Houses of Parliament. Viewing the colour and light and listening to the music bring the art to life. We see and feel Monet’s painting en plein air expressing the beauty of nature.

So serene. So peaceful. You want to give yourself a few more minutes and then a few minutes more to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the exhibit. The music is beautiful.

A great place to cool off on a hot, humid day and a place to raise your spirits on a cloudy, rainy day! A real treat. Not to be missed. Relax, reflect and enjoy the Monet Immersive Exhibit. Takes about an hour to an hour to an hour to complete. Cool gift shop too!

Where? At the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North entrance on Front Street – located on the 2nd floor. Walk from Union Station or King Street subway.
Opened August 12, 2021 for a limited time. Enjoy Claude Monet’s journey!

We would like to thank TARO PR for the invitation to this events.