September 11

Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash!@TIFF 2021 !

Not your run-of-the-mill martial arts story, Vengeance is Mine takes place in 1989 Indonesia as the setting for martial artists, a romance between an impotent “hit man” brawler, a female mafia bodyguard, and a ghost story.

Based on Indonesian author Eka Kurniawan’s novel and directed by Edwin, Vengeance is Mine is a great throwback to the days of classic kung fu movies, retro music, and cinematography. Ajo Kawir’s inadequacies doesn’t stop our “hit man” brawler from finding his mate as he falls for his next victim, the bodyguard, Iteung.  Fighting each other, eventually finding mutual respect, and then falling in love.

The fight scenes were adequate, nothing sensational or high tech. Most likely keeping the retro feel of the brawling scenes.  The movie mixes revenge, gangster, as well as jealousy, excessive violence, tenderness, and eroticism, in the name of love and admiration of martial arts.