September 22

Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine @ TIFF 2021

A “rock n’ roll machine” who split up at the height of their careers during a run from the late 1970s through to the ’80s, the power trio from Toronto consisting of drummer-singer Moore, singer-guitarist Rik Emmett, and bassist-keyboardist Mike Levine defined an era of straight ahead Rock n’ Roll with hits including; ”Rocky Mountain Way,” “Blinding Light Show,” “Lay It On the Line,” “Hold On,” and “Magic Power.” Until it all ended when singer/guitarist Rik Emmett left the band.

With fans begging for more, Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine chronicles the band’s past rock excess as the trio prepares to meet today’s ultra-fans — and their expectations — at an event staged at Moore’s Metalworks Studios. Triumph lives on and the documentary showed the movie audience how their fans are still thriving and dedicated as ever. The tour took them from Hawaii, to Brazil, to Europe and other locations across the globe, for music lovers to witness what may be the very last performance of Triumph.

Building to the moment when the fans meet their heroes, Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine delivers the enormous pleasure of revisiting a band that made chart topping hits, toured tirelessly, had one of the most electrifying light shows and never put themselves above their audience. For a whole generation who had the acid washed jeans, mullet and loved good straight ahead rock n’ roll, this was a memory in the making.