September 27

Musician/Actor Ajay Friese Set To Release Debut EP light a match… then run On October 8

Ajay Friese is best known for his recurring roles on television shows such as Lost In SpaceDirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Riverdale, as well as for his lead role in the critically acclaimed 2019 film Riot Girls. But the curiosity that drives Friese has always led him to cast a wide net in terms of his creative pursuits and passions.Friese has been passionate about music for as long as he can remember.

At age three he had dreams of being an orchestra conductor. At eleven he penned his first album plan. At fifteen he formed a high school band that went on to win numerous local awards. And at 17 he hit the high notes as The Phantom in his high school musical. His music journey comes to fruition with his debut independently released EP entitled light a match… then run, out Oct. 8 via all streaming platforms. Produced in New York City by Grammy nomineeEverett Bradley, who’s worked as a touring member of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Bon Jovi and Hall & Oates, it also includes sizzling background vocals and electric solos from world-class musiciansOn its six tracks, which include the previously available singles “Jasper,” “Higher Stakes” and “Your Eyes,” Friese seamlessly blends pop, alt-folk, and rock with his powerful voice and lyrics that illuminate the joys and struggles of love and self-discovery with an open mind and heart. In broader terms, Friese emphasizes the things that unite us through a refreshingly authentic voice that is equal parts emotionally raw and thoughtfully crafted.“My debut EP is the result of almost three years’ effort. The title is a metaphor for falling in… and out of love. Every relationship is completely unique, with its own magical and mysterious qualities. These tracks will take you on a journey — the rush, the bliss, the doubts, the pain, and the afterthoughts — of a flame running its course,” Friese says. Dropped early this year, his debut release “Jasper” was quickly picked up by SiriusXM’s the Coffee House and plays on CBC Radio. The track emphasizes how entrusting someone else with the pieces of a broken heart and can be daunting yet powerful.More storytelling ensues in “Blackberry” – the kind of story you don’t tell to others at the time. In the 6th grade Friese accidentally started a fire. Firefighters arrived quickly, and no one was injured, but the intensity of the flames and their potential harm left a deep impact on him. Later that year he sat in the back of middle school science class, penning “Blackberry,” never imagining that at 21 he’d be recording it in New York City with Andy Snitzer (saxophone for Billy Joel) and Alex Nolan (current lead guitarist for Cindi Lauper). While the lyrics may be literal, they are also a metaphor for f***ing up and watching something burn to the ground.Friese has been involved in every step of the EP creation including writing, composing and arranging – a testament to the dedication he has to his craft. In addition to music and acting, he has a background in competitive dance, and is an accomplished astrophotographer. But no matter what he’s focused on at any given moment, Ajay Friese never loses sight of his core belief in the value of putting himself in another person’s position. As he says, “It all goes back to empathy. We’re so quick—when we don’t agree with someone or how they act—to disregard that person or think they don’t matter at all. Everyone matters.”AJAY FRIESE – light a match… then run1. Blackberry2. Jasper3. Your Eyes4. Pyjamas5. Higher Stakes6. Beauty’s So Raw                                                                    
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