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CANADIAN BRASS Announce ‘Canadiana’ Featuring Covers Of Rush, Drake, Daniel Caesar, Shawn Mendes, Joni, kd, Leonard and More

The world’s most popular Classical ensemble

 Canadian Brass

announce new album Canadiana 

with their arrangement of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” 

New album features songs by Joni Mitchell, Drake, Rush, Shawn Mendes, Bruce Cockburn, Deadmau5 & More — Out November 12th via Linus Entertainment

“[Canadian Brass] …. still sounding fresh, still attracting young virtuosos and, above all, still having fun with the music.” — Tom Huizenga, NPR

“These are the men who put brass music on the map with their unbeatable blend of virtuosity, spontaneity and humor.” — Washington Post

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As the most celebrated and enduring brass quintet in history, Canadian Brass unveil the first peek at their forthcoming and first ever all-Canadian album with the release of “Hallelujah” — available now!

The Leonard Cohen cover is first to arrive from the iconic ensemble’s upcoming album, Canadiana. The 11-song collection is set to arrive November 12th via Linus Entertainment, and adds to Canadian Brass’ impressive catalogue that has collectively sold over 2M albums. 

On Canadiana, Canadian Brass celebrates the popular Canadian artists the group both loves to listen to, and has impressed them throughout their career. In addition to Cohen, Canadiana includes songs by Joni Mitchell, Drake, Daniel Caesar, Shawn Mendes, Rush, Bruce Cockburn, Deadmau5, k.d. lang, and Lara Fabian.

“While we were busy practicing our repertoire and honing our craft, we were also listening to these incredible songs as they were released,” Canadian Brass shares. “We now have the incredible opportunity to play these songs ourselves. “

“This recording project gave us a chance to explore the music generated by the great artists that have been around us throughout our performing career.”

A formidable force in the world of Chamber Music since its 1970 inception, and having sold well over 2+ Million albums worldwide, the group has been hailed as the ‘Kings of Brass’ for single handedly establishing brass as a major influence on the classical music scene. 

The young players in the ensemble today are inheritors of this long tradition, inaugurated over fifty years ago, having grown up with the sound and style of Canadian Brass as a model. With a discography of over 130 albums, and an extensive worldwide touring schedule, Canadian Brass is an important pioneer in bringing brass music to mass audiences everywhere. 

Currently, Canadian Brass are Achilles Liarmakopoulos (trombone), Jeff Nelsen (horn), Caleb Hudson (trumpet), Brandon Ridenour (trumpet), and Chuck Daellenbach (tuba), with “Hallelujah” also representing a reunion of sorts; a host of former members of Canadian Brass joined the quintet for this treasured tune.

The ensemble enlisted their trumpet player and in-house arranger Brandon Ridenour to breathe new life into the selected works. Additionally, the album features Grammy-winning Attacca Quartet member Nathan Schram (for Drake’s “Laugh Now, Cry Later”), internationally-beloved guitarist and singer Bruce Cockburn on his own “Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon,” JUNO-winning jazz trumpet player Ingrid Jensen (Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides, Now”), as well as guitarist Sean Kelly and percussionist Tim Timleck (“2112 Overture” by Rush).

// Canadiana Track Listing

[01] Je Me Souviens (Originally recorded by Lara Fabian) 02:49

[02] Senorita (Originally recorded by Shawn Mendes) 03:11

[03] Constant Craving (Originally recorded by k.d. lang) 03:26

[04] Both Sides, Now (Originally recorded by Joni Mitchell)* 06:12

[05] I Remember (Originally recorded by Deadmau5) 04:39

[06] Laugh Now, Cry Later (Originally recorded by Drake)** 03:37

[07] Overture 2112 (Originally Recorded by Rush)*** 03:11

[08] Best Part (Originally recorded by Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.) 05:14

[09] 13th Mountain (Originally recorded by Bruce Cockburn) 03:29

[10] Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon (Originally Recorded by Bruce Cockburn)**** 03:27

[11] Hallelujah (Originally recorded by Leonard Cohen) 03:36

*With Juno-winning jazz trumpet player Ingrid Jensen

**Beat production by Grammy award winning Attacca quartet member Nathan Schram

***With Sean Kelly (guitar) and Tim Timleck (percussion)

****With Bruce Cockburn (guitar, vocals)

“Hallelujah” is available now. Canadiana is available November 12th, 2021 via Linus Entertainment. 

Canadian Brass Tour Dates

October 4, 2021HangvillaVeszpremHungary
October 7, 2021Stadthalle SchmallenbergSchmallenbergGermany
November 20, 2021Hayes HallNaplesFLUSA
November 27, 2021George Mason UniversityFairfaxVAUSA
November 30, 2021Augusta UniversityAugustaGAUSA
December 5, 2021Staplin Performing Arts CenterWest Des MoinesIAUSA
December 6, 2021Helzberg HallKansas CityMOUSA
December 7, 2021Hesston Mennonite ChurchKesstonKSUSA
December 11, 2021Nellerbach HallBerkeleyCAUSA
December 17, 2021Bradley Symphony CenterMilwaukeeWIUSA

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the artist profile and press release.