Harm & Ease at The El Mocambo-Fri., Oct.29th, 2021

By Wayne Baggs

It’s a Friday night, with family, friends and fans in costume, descending on the El Mocambo to rock on with Harm & Ease. An energetic rock band, formed in Burlington with roots in Argentina, is having a blast, as is the audience. A fabulous return to live music and the resurrection of the El Mo!

Harm & Ease looked to be enjoying every moment performing in costume. Lead singer and founding member Ryan Whalen looked the part dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange. These guys have a fresh yet familiar sound of classic rock. Tight and punchy, only a zombie wouldn’t have some part of their body moving. Alex Hamnett on drums was providing high energy from the first note. Danny Lopez and John Goodblood traded lead guitar duties all night, to impressive effect. John also shares lead vocals, as a great counter to the songs.

With the crowd’s reaction to Harm & Ease being a sign, this band has traction. The El Mocambo’s sound and lighting are at the top of the game. I found both to be excellent. I could feel the enthusiasm talking with Mike and the staff for this venue to get going full tilt. Does it resemble the old El Mocambo? Only slightly! Does Toronto have a great concert venue? Yes! Cynical as I was before taking in a concert here, I’m looking forward to the next one.

We would like to thank The El Mocombo for the invitation to cover this event.