November 10

The 16th Annual Caribbean Tales Film Festival.

By Sally Warburton
The Royal Cinema on College Street in Toronto was the venue for the opening film of the Caribbean Tales Festival 2021.The film festival CTFF in its 16th Year celebrates the talents of filmmakers of Caribbean and African heritage worldwide. The opening night was in-person with the introductory welcome by Carrie Mullings – Award-winning host of @RebelVibez. Opening film was the short film ‘No Entry – Shades of Intolerance’ directed by Kaleb D’Aguilar 2021. A Jamaican writer and filmmaker currently living in London, England. 

The festival’s opening film was ‘Becoming a Queen’ directed by award-winning director Chris Strikes, 2021. The documentary film is about Joella Crichton who has won the Caribbean Carnival’s Queen Competition nine times! This is the most anyone has won! We see the hard work and creativity in designing and building the beautiful and original costumes for the Competition. We see how some costumes carry considerable weight and maneuvering them can be very tricky… especially in the wind! We see how Joella, her sister and mother’s lives are all part of the Caribbean Carnival and its Queen Competition. Her sister Mischka competed and remains the reigning ‘female individual’. Joella and her family are hoping Joella wins for a 10th time. She very nearly wins except for a final act….which you’ll have to see for yourself! The film ends though with viewers knowing that Joella is a 9 time winner and will always be considered the Queen of the Caribbean Carnival. And she might try again for a 10th win!…  After the film screening there was a Q & A with Carrie Mullings and Director, Chris Strikes. Joella Crichton with her adorable 4-month baby boy Solomon, Joella’s sister Mischka and mother Lou-Ann and the very talented costume/frame designer Kenny Coombs.A brilliant and colourful film selected to open the Caribbean Tales Festival.  Very heart-warming and lovely documentary.The rest of the CTFF 2021 is virtual this year. Check out the festival