November 18


{{{Glimpse Width}}}By Michelle Lefade@ONLY ONE GALLERY

{{{Glimpse Width}}}Michelle Lefade
A new body of work considering the ephemerality of the collective experience shared between strangers dancing in a filled room. This series of drawings and video installation are a translation of the way light and shadows veil time and wrap tightly around dancing bodies. With each flash a new feature surfaces before vanishing into the darkness, leaving the mind to complete the silhouette. A threaded needle passes through the connective fabric, holding them all together for a brief moment before loosening once again.About the artist:Working with ink and brush on paper, her practice is simple and patient in nature and at the root, comes from a lifelong fascination with cartoons. Michelle instinctively balances weight across the page in black and white. Her figures communicate a dynamic energy and express emotion through their bodies. She uses bold direction and fine detail to illustrate the way each character moves, dances and carries heaviness. In method and content, her work is focused on honouring the moment between one panel and the next.At The Only One Gallery.