December 05


Abi Mia – New Single ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’

London Singer-Songwriter Abi Mia Releases

Funky Pop Single ‘Can’t Stop Won’t

Stop’ Available Now!
Listen now:

The latest single ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ from rising singer-songwriter Abi Mia is the jolt of

pure positivity we’ve all been waiting for!

Abi Mia is rapidly emerging as a compassionate and exciting voice for a new generation. In
her latest single, she uses her gift for catchy hooks and memorable lyrics to share a powerful
message of self-empowerment, following on from her previous single ‘Shadow’, which also

explored the themes of empowerment and self-love.

“Even on those rainy days, it’s about me finding my own way,” Abi Mia sings in the opening
verse. Her voice is laced with the confidence that only comes from years of self-exploration.
She effortlessly leads with her powerhouse vocals as the track grows into an upbeat

pop/funk track that is almost impossible not to dance to.

‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ is an energetic anthem that will appeal to pop music fans


“I wrote Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ to empower people to continue doing what they love, to
do what makes them smile and to have fun with it despite what anyone else may say!” –


Stream and download Abi Mia’s new single, ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’, out now.