“Along Came Wanda”Release Date Of February 14th, 2021 Across North America.

The Buffalo 8 wide release timed for February 14th, 2021 across North America on all TVOD/Digital platforms of the Three Women in a Box production “Along Came Wanda” written & directed by San Francisco native prolific writer, producer and now director Jan Miller Corran (her last film “Snapshots,”  won countless awards – 35 awards, and received incredible to response from audiences & critics during both its theatrical release and TVOD/Digital release)“Along Came Wanda,” Jan’s directorial debut shot in Los Angeles has already begun garnering festival laurels and awards and was made during Covid-19 adhering closely to all guild/industry guidelines.

“Along Came Wanda” is an artful journey of self-discovery as love blooms from friendship. A stylist cinematic sibling in many ways to “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Imagine Me & You” this moving Lesbian love story is honest and genuine without needing to sell on sex, instead offering a beautiful, meaningful film for global audiences. “Along Came Wanda” emphasizes the true meaning of life and it’s often overwhelming lessons we must all know and learn. Through her journey, our central character displays resilience, humor (in moments artfully breaking the fourth wall to invite audiences into her dilemma’s) and strength as she moves through doubt, fear, loss, and uncertainty.

“Along Came Wanda” stars Constance Brenneman (“Alias,” “Batgirl Rises”), Cathy DeBuono (“And Then Came Lola,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), Max Adler (“Glee,” “Love and Honor”), Isabella Hofmann (“Burlesque,” “The Flash”), Monica Young (“Modern Family,” Community”), Rich Ceraulo Ko (“Tenet,” “The Walking Dead”), Roberta Hanlen (“NCIS,” “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid”), Hank Matusek (“How ‘Bout a Cuppa Tea”), Carly Frintner (Operation Gratitude”), and Adam Huss (“Power,” “The Bold & The Beautiful”).

“Along Came Wanda” Synopsis
For many months, delivery person Wanda has been dropping off packages to Mary Beth Higgins during which they have developed a close friendship. With Mary Beth’s divorce almost final, Wanda suggests a road trip in her RV which doubles as a Soup food truck. Hesitant at first, Mary Beth gives in and the journey begins. Along the way, Wanda takes Mary Beth to two notable destinations- one a spiritual retreat and the other a camping adventure complete with the famous psychic Davina Moonbeam. Throughout, both women are learning about life and each other. By the end of this journey, unexpected love for each other has arrived for both of them.  

We hope you join the director and stars for next week’s zoom press days (Mon, Jan 17th, Tues, Jan 18th, Wed, Jan 19th or Thurs, Jan 20th) ahead of the Buffalo 8  wide release timed for February 14th, 2021 across North America on all TVOD/Digital platforms for “Along Came Wanda” written & directed by prolific writer, producer and now director Jan Miller Corran.

“Along Came Wanda” Trailer Link:

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