February 09

“CaribbeanTales Rolls Out ” “CaribbeanTales Black Incubator and Studio Access Project

                                                                            ROLLS OUT 

“CaribbeanTales Black Incubator and Studio AccessProject” 

CaribbeanTales Inc., founded by award winning filmmaker and Academy member, Frances-Anne Solomon, announces the launch of the “CaribbeanTales Black Incubator and Studio Access Project” (CTBISAP).   

This new project is a production and knowledge-based incubator designed to build capacity in the Black Canadian Film industry and provide an opportunity for Black Canadian filmmakers to acquire skill sets and training that will ensure their success in the film and television industry. It delivers a pipeline of international market-driven training from concept through delivery and monetization for Black Canadian media entrepreneurs. 

Participants will have an opportunity to produce a short proof of concept for their series or feature film, valued at least $10,000 with resources provided by CaribbeanTales. 

CTBISAP is targeted to Canadian Filmmakers who identify as Black, with a focus on Women and Non-Binary creators. Only Black Canadian citizens and permanent residents can apply. Applicants to the CaribbeanTales Black Incubator and Studio Access Project are invited to apply on the website.  

We would like to thank Sasha Stoltz Publicity & Management for the press release.