February 21




Singer-songwriter Lili-Ann De Francesco releases “idc”, her official debut with Maison Barclay Canada / Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

“‘idc’ is a really important song to me for many reasons. I decided to talk about the biggest heartbreak I had in my young life. I was always scared to express myself on something so personal and meaningful. Co-writer, Luca Fogale, really helped me to open up about it and face the situation instead of ignoring it. I am really excited for people to hear it because for the first time I feel like myself. I am being so vulnerable and true to myself in this song. I hope everyone loves ‘idc’ as much as I do!”
The track blends Lili’s captivating vocals with heartbreaking lyrics;
I’m trying to forget how to call you
But I know that I won’t
It’s so hard to believe cause I care but I don’t, yeah I care but I don’t care
Trying to remember the feeling
Of being good on my own
But I can’t let you go so I care, but I don’t, yeah I care but I don’t care”.


“I also love Lucatheproducer’s production on the track,” Lili adds. “I think he captured the bigness but yet subtle and artistic parts of the song – and that is also how I see my music as a whole. Right away when we heard it for the first time, we were like okay this is it, this is the song. I’m so excited for the world to hear this song, it’s so personal and it’s so vulnerable, and I think that’s what I love the most about it.”

On November 23, 2021, the beginning of Sagittarius season and Lili’s birthday, “The Great Escape,” an intimate, beautiful cover that reintroduced the singer to the world, her first release with Maison Barclay / Universal Music Canada. In it, she also plays the piano, which she’s been learning since she was just five-years-old. While Lili isn’t new to music, even boasting chart success (“Remember” with Tyler Shaw) and commercial appeal (“Winter Song” with Eli Rose, her first song for the holidays) — this was her re-debut. The one where we meet the real her.
“I want to do what I like, and I want the people who work with me to support my decision and support my choices,” she said. “I want to be true in my music, as well —I want to talk about real stuff.” And she does, touching on tough topics like her struggles with disordered eating, a deeply personal, yet relatable topic for many young women like her. Lili’s creative diversity is also evident by her acting pursuits. As a multi-hyphenated creator, Lili channels the same energy from her music onto sets – most recently, appearing in the 2020 TV series, Mon Fils.
Coming into her own in the fast-paced Instagram-turned-TikTok universe, Lili is not someone who takes her goals as an artist lightly. She also recognizes how easy it is to get caught up and lose sight. The most important principle for Lili, however? Choosing herself, as well as staying grounded and relatable. “I want to show people that I can be vulnerable, but also I can be fun —it’s not really ‘artist’ and ‘person ’[for me]. It’s one.”
Stay tuned for much more coming from Lili-Ann De Francesco this year.


Photo credit: Kevin Millet
About Lili-Ann De Francesco
Music has been an integral part of Lili-Ann De Francesco’s life since the early age of seven.  Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Lili performed with her father during much of her youth – appearing on stages as big as Quebec’s La Voix in 2015, making history as the show’s youngest contender ever and in 2019, released her first project, a self-titled, bilingual EP, which was a staple moment in her career.


Lili is an authentic and intentional creator, who transfers candid emotions from her life experiences into her music, and also champions being an inspiration to others who face similar challenges. Lili is gearing up to release more music, showing her vulnerability to the world, her official debut with Maison Barclay / Universal Music Canada “idc”.