March 22

Yawd = Comfort food that sticks to your ribs!  Modern Afro-Caribbean Recipes By Adrian Forte ON SALE DATE: JUNE 07, 2022

Yawd = comfort food that sticks to your ribs! Dive into this bold,  flavor-filled cookbook packed with  fresh Afro-Caribbean recipes to bring some island vibes to your home.

In his first cookbook, Top Chef Canada star Adrian Forte shares more than 100 inspiring and delicious recipes to get you fired up in the kitchen. Try new riffs on Caribbean classics like Coconut Fried Chicken, Spiced Steamed Fish, Rasta Pasta, and Pepper Shrimp Paella. Incorporate more African ancestral ingredients into your repertoire with Ackee & Saltfish Fritters or Okra Pilaf; and try the dishes Adrian has now made his signature like Oxtail Gnocchi or Jerk-Marinated Chicken Coq au Vin. As well as great recipes—including a chapter on soups and porridges and oodles of plant-based options—Yawd explores the key ingredients of Afro-Caribbean cuisine and gives multi-use recipes for essentials such as Jerk Dry Rub and Marinade or Pickled Scotch Bonnets.

In Yawd—with its vibrant photography shot on location in the sun-drenched Caribbean—you’ll find a blend of flavors and influences that create a stunning Afro-Caribbean cookbook sure to get your taste buds talking.

ADRIAN FORTE is a chef and culinary consultant for a wide range of clients and brands, and operates YAWD, a modern Caribbean pop-up restaurant (which garnered incredible reviews for the much-needed island vibes it brought to Toronto during the pandemic). Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Adrian moved to New York City in 2003, where he attended high school, and then to Canada, where he studied culinary arts at George Brown College in Toronto. Upon graduating, he became the executive chef at Gangster Burger and Rock Lobster, one of the co-founders of Dirty Bird Chicken & Waffles, owner of AF1 Caribbean, behind the menu development of Aunty Lucy’s Burgers and guest chef at Café Boulud at the Four Seasons. Adrian uses his platform to champion the importance of Afro-Caribbean cuisine, and has been an integral voice in Canadian hospitality’s movement toward a more equal and inclusive future.

Hardcover | 240 pages |ISBN: 9780525611561 | $35.00 | Appetite by Random House
Cooking – Regional & Ethnic – Caribbean & West Indian; Cooking – Regional & Ethnic – Soul Food; Cooking – Regional & Ethnic – Canadian


“Adrian’s cooking is that which mixes perfectly with a tropical wind or an urban setting. His culinary choices are a blend of locally relevant ingredients and his personal heritage, and the result is a signature combination that is all his own. His cooking is a pure gift—and this cookbook can extend his vision of the art of cooking even further.”

“Chef Adrian Forte is an absolute force of deliciousness, and this new collection of recipes is a triumph. Jam-packed with bold flavors, exciting and approachable recipes, and Adrian’s unique style, Yawd deserves a permanent home in every cook’s kitchen.”

“I first met Adrian a few years back, while he was manning the jerk pit at his then-restaurant in Toronto’s Little Italy. His passion and attention to detail for Caribbean cuisine has continued to flourish ever since, and now, with Yawd, it can extend well beyond the walls of his kitchen. A few pages in, I guarantee you’ll be feeling that same passion and booking a trip to your favorite island getaway!”

“Bless the hands and sweat of Adrian’s grandmother for being his inspiration, and starting him off on the feels-good-to-read culinary journey you’ll find in Yawd. I have had the honor and pleasure to cook with Adrian and taste some of his food—it’s real, honest, and true to his experience as an African in the diaspora with deep roots in Jamaica.”

“Having been lucky enough to taste Adrian’s cooking, I know Yawd is sure to become a staple in my kitchen. With dishes like Jerk-Marinated Chicken Coq au Vin, Oxtail Gnocchi, and Brown Sugar & Tamarind Cinnamon Rolls, his approachable style of modern Afro-Caribbean cuisine will bring vibrant, amazing flavors to my table and yours.”


We would like to thank Danielle LeSage,Senior Publicist, Penguin Random House for the profile and press release.