April 03

Danny Aro Shares Infectious New Single “999!”


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Connecticut rapper, singer and songwriter Danny Aro has returned with his latest single and first release of the year, “999!” The young star has been rising rapidly since bursting on the music scene in 2020 and experiencing early success with tracks such as “Diamonds”. With already well over a million streams accumulated as an independent artist, “999!” continues Danny’s increasing momentum for what looks set to be his biggest year to date. 

Packed with infectious melodies, heartfelt lyricism and a huge anthemic hook about living life to the fullest, the standout track shows why Danny has been such a hit with listeners so early on in his career. Fusing hip-hop and indie-pop-punk, Danny’s versatility and appreciation for various genres result in a song with enormous appeal that sounds original and fresh and has all the right elements to catapult his career to new heights. 

“999!” is a tribute to one of Danny’s influences, the late rapper Juice WRLD. Speaking further on the release, Danny says, “I made this song to celebrate Juice WRLD’s life. Juice WRLD always says in his songs that he was a ‘leader of the lost souls’, and I do feel like he wanted people to find the happiness they deserve in this world. Although the main chorus seems like a message to have fun living fast and dying young, it’s a play on that and actually saying that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and to avoid the easy temptations that can lead someone down the wrong path. The lyrics of the song try to show the trickery the world presents every single day through easy temptations and sensations, which Juice WRLD often spoke about in his music, but also that we can all break through those ceilings together.”

 “999!” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://ffm.to/999-dannyaro.

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Connecticut bred singer, rapper, and songwriter Danny Aro blends his passion and raw emotion to create a unique sound with an elevating energy for his listeners. Danny’s debut singles “For A While” and “Diamonds”, first mixtape 2muchmoli and further releases encapsulate his vision of blending the power of hip-hop, with the exotic vibrancy of electronic pop music. His music plays on the facets of dark and light. “Even in the dark, together we can still see the light”, says Danny.   

Working with his main engineer Dan Eisenbach (Lil Baby, Blackbear, Trippie Redd) the 23-year-old rapper mines inspiration from hip-hop and rap, alternative rock, punk, and even electronic dance music to create a new sound for his listeners to connect to. Raised in southern Connecticut, music seemed to accompany Danny wherever he went which led him to immersing himself in a diverse array of artists. To name just a few of his favourites and inspirations, he has resonated with the openness and vulnerability of Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Linkin Park, Juice WRLD, Phil Collins, and the relentless intensity and confidence of Lil Wayne and Post Malone. 

His desire to make music came at a pivotal point in life when he heard Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne album where he heard raw passion, emotion, intensity and confidence come together into one project. He then moved onto memorising almost all of Kanye West and Lil Wayne’s vast catalogues, which inspired him to start freestyling and songwriting. 

After high school, Danny attended The University of Connecticut. UConn’s social scene (as well as experiences in neighbouring cities such as New York City and Boston) led him to experiment with a fusion of hip-hop, electronic music, and a dirtier alternative rock sound on his new projects. He has quickly amassed a fanbase through the use of catchy flows and heartfelt lyricism since he first hit the scene in 2020. As his body of work started to build after his first mixtape, 2muchmoli, his fanbase started to grow thanks to songs like the “Diamonds” remix, which amassed over one million streams across platforms in its first month. It led to him being featured on the popular YouTube channel Shadow Music where the “Diamonds” remix amassed over 200k streams in 24 hours. Danny’s fans have been eager for new music ever since, and his new release, “999!”, is out now on all platforms.

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