April 05

Jerry Cantrell@HISTORY-Tues.,March 29th,2022

Jerry Cantrell, brought his solo band into the city ahead of his late summer/fall tour with the band that made him a superstar. On his solo tour at History in Toronto, Cantrell performed songs from his solo and Alice in Chains album.

It took 19 years and a long hiatus caused by COVID, but Alice in Chains founder, guitarist and singer Jerry Cantrell finally released “Brighten,” his first solo album since “Degradation Trip, Volumes 1 & 2. The three singles — “Atone,” “Siren Song” and the title track – the wait was well worth it.

Some of the highlight tracks during the Toronto concert were: Man In A Box, Them Bones, Down In A Hole, Would, No Excuses and the final encore song was a rendition of Elton John’s “Goodbye.”We’ll hopefully see Alice In Chains in our area again this summer, but the most important thing was live music is back at History! A decent venue to have a concert and we look forward to many more shows at this venue.