April 06

Art of Time Ensemble presents Who Is We: Voices Across The Divides

Art of Time Ensemble presents
A Concert of Question and HopeArt of Time Ensemble and the Writers Collective of Canada are proud to present Who Is We: Voices Across The Divides at Harbourfront Centre Theatre from May 12-14, 2022, with a livestream performance available May 14. Who Is We is a multi-disciplinary theatre experience that explores the transformative and healing powers of writing. Underscored by new music and projections, this project features 13 extraordinary writers, all members of the Writers Collective of Canada, who will present their compelling work live.

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Who Is We is a question asked by a single voice in pursuit of community, about society’s notions of “Us and Them”. Directed by Daniel MacIvor, with music by Jonathan GoldsmithWho Is We: Voices Across The Divides is a concert featuring honest and personal works written and performed by Kan Cheung, Paul Eng, Dee Hope, Marta McIlroy, Ellise Ramos, Wrecks Ricardus, Ahana Sarkar, Roberta TaylorShirin Tobie-Paul, Rooth Vimalanathan, Luxshie Vimaleswaran, and Christina Walsh.

Who Is We: Voices Across The Divides offers space to under-represented artists who will share their dynamic writing, exposing their wisdom, confusion, wit and fear.

“We’ve recently been exposed to a lot of ‘We’re all in this together!’ talk,” said Daniel MacIvor “and it has been shown that there are levels of “We” that exist. This show looks at that question of “We” and hopes to bring us to a place where a new “We” is generated from our time together in this space.”

Led by Artistic Director Andrew Burashko, Art of Time Ensemble transforms the way audiences experience music. Fusing high art and popular culture in concerts that juxtapose the best of each genre, art of time entertains as it enlightens, revealing the universal qualities that lie at the heart of all great music.Writers Collective of Canada is a charitable organization that inspires exploratory writing in community to empower every voice, celebrate every story, and change the world. Our unique writing workshop method ignites strong, authentic voices, targeting traditionally underserved populations and underheard individuals nationwide. We accomplish our work through trained volunteer facilitators and program partners.
Art of Time Ensemble presents
Who Is We: Voices Across The Divides

Produced in partnership with
Harbourfront Centre and the Writers Collective of Canada
Artistic Director: Andrew Burashko
Directed and Staged by: Daniel MacIvor
Music By: Jonathan Goldsmith
Projection Design By: Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy
Lighting Design By: Arun Srinivasan

May 12-14, 2022 at 8pm
Harbourfront Centre Theatre, 231 Queens Quay West
Livestream  May 14, 2022 at 8pmET
Tickets start at $19 can be purchased over the phone or online
at 416-973-4000 or
We would like to thank Damien Nelson, Want & Able Consulting for the press release.