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Photos by: Michael Cooper
L-R: Cliff Saunders (Bottom) Richard Alan Campbell, Aurora Browne, Richard Clarkin, Kimwun Perehinec, Greg Campbell, Valerie Buhagiar (Bottom)
VideoCabaret is pleased to announce that THE COLD WAR – Part One will open May 5, 2022, at the VideoCabaret Theatre (10 Busy St) – the theatre’s new home in Toronto’s vibrant Leslieville.  It is directed by long-time VideoCabaret company member and celebrated actor Mac Fyfe, along with co-founder Michael Hollingsworth.  Renowned award-winning actor-producer Aviva Armour-Ostroff, another long-time VideoCabaret company member, is taking on the producing reins.  THE COLD WAR is VideoCabaret’s first return to the stage since the passing of co-founder Deanne Taylor.The famed cast includes: Aurora Browne(ACTRA Award-Outstanding Performance-Ensemble for Baroness von Sketch Show, Run the Burbs, Orphan Black), Richard Clarkin(Canadian Screen Award for Actor in a Supporting role in The Drawer Boy, Murdoch Mysteries, Son of a Critch, The Drawer Boy on stage), Cliff Saunders (Elinor Wonders Why, The Umbrella Academy, Northern Rescue), Kimwun Perehinec (Dora-winning ensemble in Casimir and Caroline, BJ Fletcher: Private Eye What Linda Said), Greg Campbell (The War of 1812, The Drawer Boy, The Confederation Project), Richard Alan Campbell (The Great War, The War of 1812, The Life and Times of Mackenzie King), Valerie Buhagiar (Dora nomination for Botticelli in the Fire and Sunday in SodomHighway 63, TitansThe Expanse, Mysticons).

Joining the all-star design team of Astrid Janson, Melanie McNeill, (costumes) Alice Norton (wigs), Shadowland (props), Richard Feren (sound/music), is director Layne Coleman as co-producer along with Aviva Armour-Ostroff.

THE COLD WAR spies on an all-Canadian family from 1945 to 1963, as ex-soldier Tom Muffett becomes an Avro Arrow worker, while the two Muffett brats grow up in front of the TV, and wife Mary Muffett develops bats in her beehive and goes mad.  It bridges the regimes of Mackenzie King, Louis St. Laurent, and John Diefenbaker in an international cloak and dagger story. Featuring a trench coat full of trouble named Sam Steele, and demimondes of historical film noir and B-Movie characters including Igor Gouzenko, Dr. Ewan Cameron, and Gerda Munsinger.
THE COLD WAR is one chapter in Michael Hollingsworth’s epic play-cycle “The History of the Village of the Small Huts”, which dramatises the comedy, tragedy and sometimes absurdity of Canada’s story from Chief Donnacona and Jacques Cartier to recent times.

Fascinating Facts:
●     THE COLD WAR won DORA MAVOR MOORE AWARDS for Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Costume Design
●     Producer Aviva Armour-Ostroff’s first VideoCabaret play was CONFEDERATION (2003), she played D’arcy McGee, Emile Barthe and others
●     Director Mac Fyfe’s first VideoCabaret play was Saskatchewan Rebellion (2007)
●     Director Mac Fyfe won a 2014 DORA MAVOR MOORE AWARD for Outstanding Performance for TRUDEAU AND THE FLQ
●    Cliff Cardinal’s TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE was the first and most recent show to open in the new VideoCabaret Theatre
●     THE COLD WAR is the first VideoCabaret production to be remounted in the new VideoCabaret Theatre

Previews are from April 28 to May 4, 2022  
Opening May 5, 2022
Runs until June 5th 2022
Tickets $30, PWYC Sunday matinees, $10 Tuesdays
VideoCabaret Theatre: 10 Busy Street 
Click here for tickets.

Reviewing tickets can be made available upon request.
Press materials and interviews are also available upon request.  

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The Cold War- Part Two to be presented in rep next year. Stay tuned.

VIDEOCABARET was founded in a Toronto art gallery in 1976 by Michael Hollingsworth and Deanne Taylor along with members of the groundbreaking video-performance troupe The Hummer Sisters; art-rock composer Andrew Paterson and video-design-prodigy Chris Clifford. They created together the first theatre productions integrating cameras, tapes, piles of hot-wired TV’s and live rock’n’roll–genre-mashing spectacles staged across Canada, New York and London.

Over the 30-year history, VideoCabaret’s work has been honoured by scores of Dora Mavor Moore Award nominations and a total of 23 wins including: Outstanding New Play (THE GREAT WAR), Outstanding Production and Chalmers Award for Outstanding New Pay (THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MACKENZIE KING, CONFEDERATION, THE GREAT WAR), Outstanding Costume Design (CONFEDERATION, THE MACKENZIE/PAPINEAU REBELLION, NEW FRANCE), Outstanding Set Design (WWII).

Some other highlights include: the 2012 Stratford Festival presented VideoCabaret’s production of THE WAR OF 1812 to sold out performances. The following year, a 2 month run of THE WAR OF 1812 at Toronto’s Young Centre launched a collaboration with Soulpepper, followed by a long-awaited Ottawa debut at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.  TRUDEAU AND THE FLQ was brought back to the political stage in 2014, continuing the collaboration with Soulpepper.

We would like to thank Winnie Wong, Wonder Wong PR for the press release.