April 20

Princess Diana Photography Exhibit Casa Loma, Toronto-April 18, 2022 

By Sally Warburton

What a perfect venue for the Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition ….. Casa Loma in Toronto!  A beautiful castle for a beautiful Princess!  World famous Royal photographer Anwar Hussein and his two sons Samir and Zak, share their most intimate photos of Princess Diana, her sons Prince William and Harry … and the story of Diana’s life as a member of the Royal Family.  Each visitor receives an audio guide for the photo tour. The headphones are a must to get all the details and to block out distracting noises. Each group of photos has a number with a beautifully recorded description. 

Photos from the beginning of Diana’s life with Prince Charles, to the birth of her sons William and Harry, her work for humanity, her kindness to others, her travels and fashion. It then continues with the Princes growing up, getting married and having children. The photos are vibrant, happy and reflective.  In addition is a room filled with paper art sculptures of fascinators (hats) and in another room a giant tiara under which you can have your Instagram-able photo taken! Fun and unique photo!  Visitors get to explore Casa Loma as the photos are located on different floors – signs indicate directions.

What a beautiful photo exhibit of Princess Diana in a gorgeous venue!  The exhibit runs evenings 5pm to 9:30pm until June 12, 2022 at Casa Loma Toronto.  Enjoy!

We would like to thank The Siren Group for the invitation to this event.