April 22

MAKE PEOPLE BETTER A Film By Cody Sheehy A Documentary Thriller

In 2018, the Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui crossed a Rubicon in human evolution by altering the genetic structure of embryos to produce the world’s first genome-edited babies – this doc tells the story of the experiment and the whistleblower who revealed it all  **WORLD PREMIERE – SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS **
In 2018, Dr. He Jiankui made the first “designer babies.” How? With DNA technology. Genetically sequencing twins under the radar, he managed to procreate without any need for the human body—and was labelled a mad scientist and an outcast by the shocked scientific community. Make People Better investigates Jiankui’s research, the scientists around the world who aided in his studies and why he disappeared after the news broke. This thrilling documentary proves there were more scientists in the lab who worked on this experiment, but only one was left with his hands dirty.  Written & Directed By: Cody Sheehy Produced By: Samira Kiani, Cody Sheehy Mark MonroeWorld Sales: CAATRT: 83 minutesPress Contacts:  Lauren Schwartz | lschwartz@fullpic.com                                      Emily Esrig | eesrig@fullpic.com Cody Sheehy, DirectorCody Sheehy is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker responsible for the creative vision and execution of high impact documentary and social media campaigns at Rhumbline Media. His films are focused on stories about our changing world, told from the perspective of people intimately connected to science and the natural environment. HOT DOCS SCREENINGS World Premiere: Saturday, April 30 5:15PM ET TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 Tuesday, May 3 10:45AM ET Isabel Bader 
We would like to thank Emily Esrig, Senior Account Executive for the press release.