April 23

Artist Bugatti Bonsu Releases GLOW UP


Ghanaian Canadian recording artist and songwriter, Bugatti Bonsu dropped his new single “Glow Up” featuring Toronto female rapper, Keesh. Following the success of his second EP, ‘Ladies Love’ Bonsu’s popularity continues to rise.  The artist combines Afro-beats, Dancehall & R&B to bring a unique sound that has become synonymous with his work.  Fans and media recognize Bonsu’s music and the natural ease he brings to it.    It’s hard to believe that the confident artist is so comfortable with making music in studio or on stage.  Bonsu was a reluctant artist.  Fear kept him from turning his dream of making music into reality.  It was the death of his brother that gave him the courage to move forward.  Bonsu’s debut EP titled ‘No Fear’ says it all. 

Bugatti Bonsu has always had an entrepreneurial mindset.  His clothing brand “No Fear Movement” was featured in its first fashion show, where audiences acknowledged Bonsu’s unmistakable talent.  The evolution continues…  From hosting large events to performing at them, Bonsu is ready, and his new single is proof positive. “Glow Up” is dance floor & summer ready for all the ladies. Working with fellow artists, Dbx2, Twy, Fame Holiday, Phab, Looch Bodega, Chux Starr, Nina Ricchie and Slim Flex guarantees Bonsu will continue making the music his fans love.  Bugatti Bonsu’s star will continue to rise with a full slate of performances and releases ahead in 2022.   Stay connected…. 

“Glow Up” is out now…. Get your copy and start dancing Ladies 

Listen to “Glow Up”  


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 Website: http://www.bugattibonsu.com/ 

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