May 11

The Tenors@Massey Hall-Sunday, May 8,2022

By Sally W 

A Mother’s Day Special for all – Best of our Lives concert

Massey Hall was a special place on Sunday, May 8 – a warm, musical atmosphere of love for all mothers and other important women in our lives.

The lights went out and …there they were… The Tenors singing and dancing down the aisle on their way to the stage – greeting and dancing with audience members!  Audience included family members, fans and lots of mothers! First of all, who are the Tenors? A vocal group of 3 Canadian men, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray. They are platinum JUNO award-winning artists, known world-wide. The audience was thrilled with The Tenors’ harmonies of their powerful songs along with their charismatic charm.

The Tenors sang a medley of upbeat songs – either the 3 of them or separately – all accompanied by the large choir and orchestra.   One song Victor sang while his son played piano. Magnificient.  Fraser Walters’ wife Kelly Levesque in a beautiful pink dress lit up the stage singing two songs, A Star is Born and then American Woman. Frank played the piano to accompany his wife Kelly. Stunning.

Victor wore an Auston Matthews Leafs’ jersey for their final songs, fitting for those in the audience wondering about the score of the simultaneous Leafs game. The encore song -the last one of the night was Queen’s – Bohemian Rhapsody.

The vibe the 3 Tenors created was warm and welcoming. The audience loved every minute. And for those who were celebrating Mother’s Day – it was  a perfect way to enjoy the evening. The return of live music at the beautifully renovated Massey Hall was memorable! What could be better?!  

We would like to thank Jamie Crawford
Public Relations & Promotions Coordinator
Strut Entertainment for the invitation to this event.