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IN BROAD DAYLIGHT by Emmanuel Tardif – World Premiere at the 56th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival



A film by Emmanuel Tardif



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Les Films du 3 Mars and Les Rapailleurs are proud to present In Broad Daylight, a psychological drama written and directed by Emmanuel Tardif (Speak Love, Heirdoms). The film will have its World Premiere at the 56th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, taking place July 1-9 in the Czech Republic. It will be shown in the Proxima competition, a new section that brings together daring works by emerging filmmakers and renowned auteurs. For the occasion, the filmmaker and members of his team will be present during the screenings.

Starring Amaryllis Tremblay, Karine Gonthier Hyndman, David Savard, Elijah Patrice, Jean-Simon Leduc and Marianne FortierIn Broad Daylight follows a young girl who, after giving birth to her child in the living room of an opulent suburban house, decides to go in search of the father. Will she prevent the family fabric from tearing and the walls from cracking?

Emmanuel Tardif approaches cinema as a journey into the unspoken corners of contemporary society and the human behaviours that inhabit them. In this third feature film, the 27-year-old filmmaker returns to the themes of family, rurality, identity and youth in a free, singular work. Shot in 14 days with a self-financed budget of $40,000, In Broad Daylight once again demonstrates the creative force of its auteur and the collective Les Rapailleurs.

Les Films du 3 Mars is proud to work with filmmaker and producer Emmanuel Tardif since his 2020 feature film debut Speak Love. This prestigious selection at Karlovy Vary validates the organization’s desire to further support the work of fiction filmmakers, in order to showcase the talent and audacity of creators of all genres, in Quebec and abroad. 

To discover the work of Emmanuel Tardif, Les Films du 3 Mars announces the video on demand (VOD) and DVD release of Heirdoms (2021), which was presented in theaters last fall. Starring Martin Dubreuil, Félix Grenier, Charlotte Aubin,Lucette Chalifoux and Léa Roy, the film follows a family that is bogged down following a separation. Heirdoms is available today on f3m.ca. His feature film debut, Speak Love (2020) is also available on the Films du 3 Mars platform.


Feature, 151 minutes, 2022, Quebec/Canada

Original French version with English subtitles

Direction: Emmanuel Tardif | Script: Emmanuel Tardif | Cinematography: François Herquel | Art direction: Geneviève Boiteau | Editing: Antoine Foley-Dupont | Sound design: François Lacasse | Sound mix: François Lacasse | Music: Julien Racine | Sound recording: Yecine Meliani | Production: Les Rapailleurs (Emmanuel Tardif and Léa Roy) | Distribution: Les Films du 3 Mars

Starring Amaryllis Tremblay, Karine Gonthier Hyndman, David Savard, Elijah Patrice, Jean-Simon Leduc and Marianne Fortier.

Facebook: facebook.com/augrandjour.film

Instagram: instagram.com/augrandjour.film

Website / F3Mf3m.ca/en/film/in-broad-daylight

Website / KVIFFkviff.com/en/programme/film/59/37639-in-broad-daylight

Distributed by Les Films du 3 Mars, In Broad Daylight will open in theatres in Quebec in 2023.

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT is an independent production. The film benefits from the promotion and distribution assistance program of the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC).

LES RAPAILLEURS is a cinematic production company focusing on independent filmmaking from audacious and original filmmakers. Interested in all genres, forms, and categories of creation, the team offers an innovative structure to projects not yet able to receive traditional financial support.

LES FILMS DU 3 MARS is supported by more than a hundred members of the film industry as well as by the following institutions: Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec; Canada Council for the Arts; Conseil des arts de Montréal; Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC); Telefilm Canada. F3M.ca | FacebookTwitter | Instagram

We would like to thank Caroline Rompré | pixelleX communications for the artist profile and press release.

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