June 05

“Giving Back Generation” Premiered Seasons 2 and 3 on TaTaTu’s Social Media Platform to Open Up Conversations About Mental Health 

On the evening of Tuesday, May 31 Giving Back Generation premiered in Los Angeles at The London West Hollywood Beverly Hills. The premiere started with notable attendees featured in the video podcast, producers, and supporters walked the red carpet to enter the screening room for a panel discussion about mental health and a preview of the new seasons of Giving Back Generation 2 and 3. The panel featured Raquelle Stevens, Emil Nava, Tanya Rad, Taylor Thompson, and Chiara Tilesi. 

Interviewees in Giving Back Generation 2 and 3 include Selena Gomez, Leonor Varela, Jay, and Radhi Shetty, Leah Haywood, Serena Poon, Elisa Sednaoui Dellal, Giulia De Lellis, and Gabe Kennedy are among the guests of the social awareness vodcast “Giving Back Generation” Seasons 2 & 3, hosted by Raquelle Stevens and directed by Chiara Tilesi, which debuted on the social entertainment platform TaTaTu.  A new episode will be released every week. 

“Giving Back Generation” is an inspiring vodcast series that features groups of celebrity guests opening up and candidly discussing important issues and life lessons. Seasons 2 & 3 primarily focus on the different aspects of mental health, including eating disorders, overcoming grief, healing through food, bullying, inclusion, and the power of community. Through deep and personal conversations, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, and singers share touching and personal experiences on how they give back and create social impact.

The project is produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment and Frequency Production.

The evening ended with a cocktail reception DJ’ed by DJ Cassanova

Many of the interviewees were in attendance including Selena Gomez , Taylor Ann Thompson, Tanya Rad, Leonor Varela, Emil Nava, , Ashley Cook, Serena Poon, Sarah Dubbeldam, Charles Lew, Genevieve Medow-Jenkins.  

Additional Notable Guests Included Diane Warren, Jarry Lee, Erika de la Cruz, and Caitlin Crosby.

Giving Back Generation Season 2 Interviewees: 

Giving Back Generation Season  3 Interviewees: 

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, the important conversations need to continue. Giving Back Generation features interviews with successful artists, entrepreneurs, actors, and singers that share one goal: to give back and create change in their own way, with a primary focus on mental health and the impact of social media on new generations.

Each episode will feature deep and personal conversations, Raquelle will reveal their true souls and the true meaning of their lives. For the very first time, these young and thriving millennials will share touching and personal experiences, with the same mission of changing the world. 

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We would like to thank Tiffany Woo for the press release.

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