June 07

Rick Christian’s new single will leave you Emotionless

While Rick Christian’s previous single Contagious was a visit to a mysterious and macabre realm, his newest offering will leave you Emotionless. 

The sweeping synth overtakes and leaves you lost in a void. The song is a hard drive into a deep emotional recess of industrial. A chorus so somber that questions your existence as a sentient being. This is when you truly reflect on your ability to feel, have compassion and wonder if you’re a true product of decline. 

Emotionless is a true saga of an inward battle. A mental holy war that is a fight for light, staring deep into the eyes of an emotional cannibal. The eternal candle dims again while you stare at yourself, the spiral begins. It seems as if Rick Christians’ voice echos into an unknown and there will never be a response. 

The song is also accompanied with a music video that delves into the supernatural. The meeting with a mystic figure reveals your emotionless existence has led to a disturbing fate. A session of tarot cards exposes the death card, two others and a frightening realization. Upon waking the question remains, an alarming dream or a distressing premonition? 

Just as it seems Rick Christian could not deliver a song any darker, the new single emerges with combative honesty. Emotionless is available June 9 2022 on all streaming platforms. 

As you listen to the haunting echos lost in a void, Rick Christian will leave you emotionless. 

By Rick Christian