June 08

Continuing to Weave Networks of Support for Creative Indigenous Youth, inPath Set to Power N’we Jinan ArtWorks Showcase this Canadian Music Week!

Featuring Kimipuike, The O.B., Ethan Lyric, Hazely & Little Buffalo, Jossée Bernier, Slice, Siibii, Caid Jones, Hayley Wallis, CJAY GRiZ, Ila Barker, Mattmac, Love Language, & Vangorian

N’we Jinan ArtWorks Showcase

Thursday, June 9th @ 8:00 pm EST

The Painted Lady @ 218 Ossington Ave


 Hosted by David Hodges and powered by inPath, this Thursday, June 9th marks the N’we Jinan ArtWorks Showcase at The Painted Lady as part of Canadian Music Week! 

Kimipuike, The O.B., Ethan Lyric, Hazely & Little Buffalo, Jossée Bernier, Slice, Siibii, Caid Jones, Hayley Wallis, CJAY GRiZ, Ila Barker, Mattmac, Love Language, and Vangorian are set to take the stage following opening remarks and song from Rex Smallboy, Hazel Waskewitch, and Aaron Letendre. 

// Love Language

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Montreal’s Love Language didn’t plan to start a band right before a global pandemic. During those months of isolation, they percolated patiently on their stripped-down ballads, inspired by the likes of Cate Le Bon and Angel Olsen. With nostalgic melodies and wistful lyrics about navigating life in this crazy world, Love Language speaks a universal tongue that’s beautifully and inherently human. 

// Vangorian


Franklin Moar, A.K.A Vangorian is a Cree Producer and DJ from Chisasibi Cree Nation, Quebec. A fully self-taught artist, Vangorian is recognized for his signature synth, pop melodic beats, and heavy remixes that transcend the dance and electronic music worlds.  A high-energy performer, Vangorian has extensive DJing experience and well-developed mixing abilities. In 2019, Vangorian was invited to perform at an official N’we Jinan Music Showcase at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba to an audience of over 300 people.  Vangorian has released two EPs: Different Worlds (2019) and Nebula (2020), both available on all major streaming platforms. Vangorian aims to inspire people to pursue their own passions while maintaining the playfulness of youth. Most recently, Vangorian was nominated for the Cree Nation Youth Council Inspire Hope Awards. This young producer and DJ’s journey has only just begun, and a promising future lies ahead.

// Ethan Lyric

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Ethan Lyric is a Winnipeg-based Anishinaabe singer-songwriter who couples the heart of the matter lyrics and modest melodies. Nurtured by his early musical influences, Ethan’s smooth blend of Folk, Indie, and Pop charms audiences while offering a reprieve from the heaviness of life.  His debut  EP Four Divided by Three and Whatever’s Left to See (2021) is a collection of short songs that offers an old soul singer-songwriter vibe to a wide audience. In his upcoming EP,  Next Time Keep it to Yourself (2022), Lyric re-emerges with a matured sound, declaring himself as an artist to watch. As he continues to evolve, Ethan welcomes opportunities to share his joy for creating on stages small and large alike and welcoming new friends into his growing listening community. 


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Silas Katapatuk aka SLICE is a Cree Hip-hop artist and emerging producer from Wemindji First Nation in Northern Quebec. His sound is a fluid blend of pop, trap, rock, and everything in between, built on a foundation of guitar and bass. His lyrics are in both Cree and English, a true reflection of his commitment to revitalizing his ancestral language. In 2014 SLICE was featured on  N’we Jinan’s Vol. 1 album that reached #1 on iTunes.  To support the next generation of artists, SLICE offers songwriting and beat-making workshops in his home community with collaborators Bradley Georgekish, Chris Sutherland (Shibastik). His passion for uplifting Indigenous youth through artistic expression was honored by his community when he received the Wewemgi Youth award recognition in 2021. He has studied Music Industry Arts at Algonquin College and continues to expand on his artist and professional skills.  SLICE’s upcoming EP which is bound to make waves across Turtle Island will be released in 2022. 


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Oji-Cree originally from Northern Manitoba, but residing in the Cree Nation (James Bay area, Quebec), CJAY has been a music producer/songwriter since his early teens and first gained work as an artist through the N’we Jinan program. His styles range from hip-hop and trap to R&B and pop music. Apart from producing and writing for himself, CJAY frequently collaborates and produces songs with and for artists within Turtle Island. CJAY is set to release his own projects in the coming year of 2021 including his own EPs, Singles, and productions for other established artists. CJAY recently released ‘Chill Waters’, a melodically driven trap/R&B song produced by the currently rising star, Mattmac, and also the self-produced song ‘Caught Up’. Both songs are available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other platforms.

// Ila Barker

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With her soulful voice and lyrics that wash over the minds and hearts of audiences like waves, singer-songwriter Ila Barker is a force to be reckoned with. In her songs, this Winnipeg-based folk-soul artist of Anishinaabe and Settler heritage, takes listeners on an introspective journey, inviting them to connect deeply with their own emotions. As an act of reciprocity, Ila mentors emerging Indigenous artists in AIRsessions, her self-curated music workshop series. Ila has taken the stage at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, sākihiwē festival, and opened for Jeremy Dutcher’s sold-out performance at the Indian River Festival in PEI. After the release of her self-titled debut album (2013) Ila took time to mindfully refine her artistry, embarking on a creative evolution, and emerging with a self-determined sound. Her upcoming album Fool Under Water (2022) is an honour song to her metamorphosis into the powerhouse she is today.

// Hayley Wallis

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The rich textured tone of singer-songwriter Hayley Wallis’ voice has unmistakable confidence that is immediately recognizable. Hayley delivers a powerfully emotional performance that evokes a response as dynamic as her vocal range. She is part of the Kitasoo/Xais’xais Nation, originally from Klemtu, a small isolated island located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. Hayley is well on her way to breaking into the scene with her debut single coffee cup, a relatable soulful pop anthem about mental health, and reaching out for help.

She began her musical journey at a young age, singing for her family and community, and credits their support for developing the passion she now has. Moving from her home in pursuit of her artistic aspirations, she now resides in Vancouver, BC, balancing work life and family life as a young mother while steadily focused on her musical goals. Hayley has amassed tens of thousands of views on her YouTube cover videos and has worked hard to refine her original songs to release on major platforms. She is working on her highly anticipated EP set for release in spring 2022.

Hayley is passionate about leaving a strong legacy and paving a path along her way. She sings for herself, for her children, and for her people and hopes to set an example that will empower the young generation of her community to pursue their dreams. 

// Mattmac

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Matthew Monias aka Mattmac is a blind music producer and recording artist from Garden Hill First Nation, Manitoba. He grew up surrounded by music both on the radio and by singing in his community’s gospel choir. Matthew began to struggle with depression at a young age and credits music for helping him cope. A fully self-taught artist, he first began to make beats and write songs when he was 13 years old, and later taught himself how to play piano and guitar. He also has impressive skills with beat production software and equipment and attributes his creative competencies to the support of the Blind & Famous group, a USA-based collective of blind music artists who collaborate and connect with one another through the internet. He recently released his debut album, 20/20, taking his melodic pop trap beats and inspiring story to quickly establish himself as one to watch on the national music scene in Canada.

// Caid Jones


Born in Treaty 1 Winnipeg Manitoba, The 21-year-old First Nations/Irish artist Caid Jones is a Recording Artist & the Co-founder of PayAttention Records. He currently specializes in Hip-Hop/R & B but has shown his vision of becoming a fully immersed musician. Caid jones is focused heavily on community outreach, and advocacy for indigenous voices in business and is passionate about environmental + social justice. He centers his music around his story in hopes to bring value and relation to those who listen. Speaking storytelling and raising awareness towards world issues in hopes to raise attention and vibration through art. Caid Jones brings passionate delivery combined with authentic and crafty wordplay to the music scene, his raw stage presence draws attention from all corners of the venues that he has played.

Opening for artists such as Swollen Members, Brother Ali, DJ Shub, and Skratch Bastid, Caid Jones has maneuvered his way through the Winnipeg music scene whilst being strategic with his releases and confident in his approach. He has spent the last year building his Community Focused brand PayAttention. His most recent release “Higher” can be found on Youtube along with his debut Music Video. His Debut EP “No Distractions Please” was released in 2021. Caid Jones can be found on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and all streaming platforms.

// Siibii

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With their breathtaking vocals paired and stunningly vulnerable lyrics that cascade over listeners’ emotional terrains, singer-songwriter Angel Baribeau is a notable force. This Montreal-based, queer, non-binary, Indigenous artist originally from the Cree community of Mistissini, Quebec, first started through the formation of their early indie-folk outfit, Simple Human Tribe. Their solo work gained momentum in 2014 when they were selected for a feature on the #1 iTunes chart-topping N’we Jinan compilation album, Eeyou Istchee Volume 1.

Angel’s six-track EP’s debut single Love Is Up The River quickly garnered more than 20,000+ streams on Spotify and hit Top 10 on the NCI FM Indigenous Music Countdown. Their next single “Wish We Were Older” followed its path blazing its way to #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and was featured on CBC North & APTN National News. The official music video for the single won Best Music Video at the Toronto Indie Indie Shorts Film Festival 2021. Angel’s gifts have attracted multiple recognitions including the Young Canadian Songwriters Award (2021) presented by SOCAN Foundation and the Canadian Walk of Fame, RBC Emerging Artist Program award (2021). Currently, Angel is casting their self-titled sophomore album to be released in 2022, which will be an introspective compilation of works as they step into their reclaimed identity. Angel is a powerful changemaker, who unwaveringly upholds the responsibility they feel to pursue their talent while also pushing for more representation within the industry.

// Hazely


Hazel Waskewitch aka Hazely is a powerhouse R&B vocalist whose velvety sound weaves together pop melodies and hooks with traditional Indigenous Round Dance songs. A member of the Onion Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan, and Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Alberta, Hazel’s career started early on, winning talent shows and the hearts of listeners. Connection to culture remains at the heart of how she lives her life and can be felt flowing through her music. Hazel is a new mother, jingle dress dancer, and traditional singer, and carries on cultural teachings by attending ceremonies. In 2021, Hazel released her debut album All Good Things – a sonic journey of haunting round dance originals and contemporary pop hits. Standing strong with a long line of musical ancestors at her back, she is ready to tell her story, have her voice heard and inspire other young people to chase their dreams. Be on the lookout for Hazel’s second album, to be released in 2022.

// The O.B. 


Osani Balkaran aka The O.B is a Guyanese/Cree abstract rapper and music producer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He incorporates philosophies and aesthetics from both his cultures to shape and deliver his thought-provoking lyrics.  With cinematic dreamlike performances, Osani illustrates the dualities of imperfection and beauty, using instrumentals and sound design. He is trained as a sound engineer and has studied mixing and mastering with Precursor Production. In the spirit of reciprocity, Osani nurtures the next wave of Indigenous artists, working with arts-based organizations including Studio 393/Graffiti Gallery, Synonym Art Collective, inPath, Red Rising Magazine, and Unity Charity. Most recently, Osani completed his first N’we Jinan arts residency program on Cowessess First Nation, supporting Indigenous youth to develop their beat-making skills through play-based learning. Osani is working on his debut EP (2023) consisting of five tracks all inspired by the literature that guided him in his self-healing journey and the shaping of his personal identity. With his breathtaking vulnerability and sharp intellect, Osani is a pillar in the Indigenous music community with a beautiful path ahead. 

// Jossée Bernier

Jossée Bernier is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist from the Cree Nation of Ouje Bougoumou, Northern Quebec. While her primary artistic practice includes painting and singing, she naturally connects with multiple forms of creative expression including graphic design, photography, and the traditional Cree practice of embroidery and sewing. Jossée’s artistic expression flows through her from the star world and roots her deeply to the land. When Jossée’s ethereal voice rises it evokes emotion, tenderly holding and disarming the listener as it washes over them. Her visual arts invite viewers to remember their connection to the universe. Her art has garnered distinctions including receiving the  “Woman in Creative Arts & Music ” award and the “Youth Achievement Award for Artistic Talent”. Her inspiration as an artist is to walk beside people as they come to know themselves more fully. Jossée’s art is medicine for the people and as her career continues to flourish she looks forward to seeing where that medicine carries her.  

// Kimiupike

Indigenous (Woodlands and Plains Cree) poet and spoken-word artist Kailan Huet aka Kimiupike, lyrically crafts together words that crash into the senses while also holding space for tenderness and healing. Kai is originally from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (Treaty 6 territory), and began writing poetry to better ground himself.  Through his writing, Kai powerfully communicates how he engages the world around him.  Alongside his writing, Kai is an emerging rapper and musician who aims to produce music that’s diverse as his Spotify playlist.  Being on a path of sobriety is an important element of Kai’s art; he has chosen to abstain from drugs and alcohol as a part of his personal commitment to create and experience all life has to offer with his sense intact.  Kai is passionate about working with youth and is honored to serve as the kind of role model he wishes he had when he was growing up. 

// About N’we Jinan & inPath 

N’we Jinan programs support artistic development and mentorship among Indigenous youth, and are powered by the team at inPath. 

inPath is a training hub and connection point for artists, educators, and professionals committed to supporting Indigenous youth through the arts. Since 2014, inPath has been invited to co-design and deliver arts-based programming with over 100+ Indigenous communities from coast to coast.

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the artist profile and press release.